Jenelle Evans: Heroin Wasn't Mine, Assault Was Self-Defense!

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Jenelle Evans insists the heroin she was found in possession of is not hers ... a claim that would be more believable if she weren't an admitted heroin addict.

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Police arrested Jenelle Evans Tuesday for possession of heroin - 12 bindles' worth, enough to qualify as not just for personal use, but "intent to distribute."

She was also arrested for assault on her husband, Courtland Rogers.

Rogers has made references to Evans' heroin use in the past, and the Teen Mom 2 star herself has alluded to it both on Twitter and her MTV show.

Yet Jenelle swears the drugs recovered by police inside the N.C. home where she was living - Rogers' mom has since kicked her out - aren't hers.

That also goes for Percocet she was also found in possession of.

True or not, this appears to be her line of defense going forward.

Jenelle's lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, tells TMZ they're going to fight it and he's confident they can beat the rap, even if the odds appear stacked against her.

As for the alleged assault, which involved a piece of furniture, Jenelle is adamant it was purely self-defense during a domestic rumble with Rogers.

Courtland was also arrested for assault Tuesday, and recently pleaded guilty to a separate assault on Evans and their unborn child (she later miscarried).

Pinning it on this guy may not be a huge stretch legally.

Everyone knows Jenelle Evans clearly doesn't help her own cause when it comes to her decision making ... but he seems like MAJOR bad news.


MTV and DR. DREW must start to take some kind of responsibility for the lives of these young girls. One a heroin addict, one is doing porn. Others have been arrested. Had they not done the show, maybe their stories wouldn't be about retaining fame. Just sayin. Why aren't they stepping in? Why isn't Drew at her court appearances offering rehab?

@ Duh

I agree! While we are at it, lets blame the fork for someone being fat. The reason so many blow it all is because they have a safety net that sooner or later has a hole in it. Blame? Why don't you blame Kim K. for starting the ball rolling while giving the impression that if you some how live a phony plastic moral absent lifestyle then you can become rich and famous while being a slut and skank somehow gets lost in the shuffle. The only way to stop it- when the fall, let them lay and then put that on tv.


ofcourse not, she looks like a heroine whore?, BUT HER FUCKING IS SPLENDID!!


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