Jenelle Evans: Arrested For Heroin Possession, Assault on Courtland Rogers

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Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 has been arrested for heroin possession - 12 bindles' worth of the stuff - and assault on her husband Courtland Rogers.

Police discovered the small paper packets of drugs on Jenelle's possession when they arrived at her residence following an alleged domestic dispute.

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot (April 2013)
Courtland Rogers Mug Shot (April 2013)

The reality star was also found to be illegally in possession of prescription drug Percocet, along with illegal drug paraphernalia (papers and a pipe).

And then there's the assault charge, which came after Evans allegedly struck her spouse WITH A PIECE OF FURNITURE during a domestic dispute.

Courtland Rogers was arrested, as well, as he is believed to have hit Jenelle Evans on the neck on top of "striking her with a closed fist on her head."

Rogers just pleaded guilty days ago to assaulting Jenelle and their unborn child this winter, after which she miscarried and they split, but  recently reconciled.

He's in a whole lot worse trouble this time around.

Rogers was also arrested for heroin - which he's accused her ex Kieffer Delp of getting her hooked on - with intent to sell, manufacture, and distribute.

Just last night on Teen Mom 2, viewers saw Evans and Delp procure what looked like heroin "with her last $70" after a huge blowout with her mom.

Barbara Evans has custody of Jenelle's three-year-old son Jace ... largely for this reason. Oh, and Jenelle Evans, 21, was also served with a warrant.

For failing to pay child support. Obviously.

Both Jenelle and Courtland Rogers denied possession of the heroin at the time of their arrest Tuesday, which seems like a dubious claim at best.

This is at least her sixth mug shot.

They are entitled to and will receive a vigorous defense as always - her attorney Dustin Sullivan is a busy, busy man - but she could be in DEEP here.


She can get sober..she just isn't ready yet. She hasn't hit bottom yet. When she stops blaming everyone else for her problems (i.e Kiefer got me hooked and shot me up) that may be a first step. In a way, this could be a good thing-maybe this will be her bottom as opposed to death. I truly hope for the best for her, as it is not too late. Don't ever give up on anyone in this situation.


There comes a time in someones life where you can no longer blame your childhood for your own mistakes. I can't judge Barbara because if my daughter was like that id lose it. She did the right thing. She obviously loves her daughter and grandson. So sad that Janelle couldn't have used the 1000 opportunities of help she's been offered. Why would anyone feel sorry for her. She wants drugs over dealing w her own *hit so her loss.


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My God, this girl is pathetic.


stop crying wolf..your mother too old four your bull crap..


she need jail time ...hello...


Take Jennelle off the show. I thought this was about teen mom's she has never taken care of her son. This is not a show where grandma's take care of the kids. She needs to go to jail for a long time

@ Jen

Wowwwwwww this is disgusting to me she needs to be taken off the show she's not a mother she has never taken care of Jace she belongs in a jail cell for the rest of her life. That poor child will google her name in a couple years and find out about all of this I wonder if she ever feels bad about doing these horrific things she's always been a drug addict but it's time for her to get her shit together. Sometimes I think if Barbara wasn't as supportive if she would have gotten her shit together sooner bc she would not have had a choice or if she would have continued to use. She doesn't deserve to even see her son. I wish I could punch her in the face and she should get her tubes tied. I can't imagine if she didnt have a "miscarriage" and she had another baby with courtland who is obviously a winner... That baby would have wounded up at Barbara's house anyway it's disgusting she is America's #1 worst mother

@ Jen

What. Did you not watch the show when
Jace was two(when she found out Andrew
Was the father of her baby)? She tried to
take care of him.


It should be no surprise. When you lie down with crud, you should expect to wake up smelling like crud. Like all of the teens on this series, she was convinced that she already "knew it all", so nobody could tell her anything. This is what can happen. As a familiar excuse, and like so many others, she tries to fall back on the "excuse" of "bipolar disorder", instead of growing up and taking responsibility for her life. She needs to be put away, at least until her son is legally an adult and can keep her biological mother away from him. At least then, he might have a chance at a normal type of life.

@ Don



Guess you have to be a teen to know WTF this person is. Great role model!


Jenelle needs time to do some serious jailtime...maybe Amber Portwood is looking for a cellmate.

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