Kyle Richards: Brandi Glanville Behavior "Disgusting"

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards is furious with Brandi Glanville for her recent antics, namely calling her co-stars a bunch of c--ts.

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    I can not stand Brandi she needs to be taken off the show!!! She is soooooo GETO......!!!!


    Brandi has a foul mouth. Her excuse excuses that she tells it like it is but when others on the show do the same thing to her she has to be defended by Lisa and Ken. Good for Faye for saying her mind to Brandi she needs a Tate of her own medicine.


    Kyle is such a phony, fake, instigator. Most unlikable Housewife ever!!!


    Kyle Richards' hypocrisy is sickening. She and her drink-addled sibling displayed the most disgusting behaviour I have ever seen when they "greeted" Brandi Glanville joining the group by bullying and degrading her. Kyle needs to take a long look in the mirror and try a little honesty. Brandi may not put a "filter" on her mouth and, frankly, that's refreshing. What you see is what you get. As for Kyle, she's a snake and I would advise Brandi never to trust her offers of friendship, they're about as genuine as her sister's sobriety.


    The only thing that is "disgusting" is Kyle's hypocrisy.

    @ Puravidacostarica

    kyle not the snake brandi is!


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    a cunt can be nice in bed.


    Oh, My! Glanville cursed/joked on the Howard Stern show. It wasn't even a serious comment, it was a deadpan, exaggerated sarcasm, followed by "just kidding".

    Kyle is trash.

    Straight up, old fashioned white trash, badly raised, bad family, bad mother, drug addled flakey sister, ill mannered husband, all pretending to be wealthy when they are not. All social climbing greed without an ounce of decorum or etiquette knowledge.
    Not a one is familiar with the concept of personal integrity. They were NOT raised in Beverly Hills. They do not live there now. The Umansky's live in a rather hideous old ranch house near the freeway, and three blocks from Sherman Oaks.

    Kyle's best friend, the MCFR is a coke whore, a babymama, an adulterer, an alcoholic, and the daughter of a babymama with a different man for every child. Faye's Bravo Bio is pure fiction. She isn't even from CA, never a model, etc. The company disavowed her as having NEVER worked for them. All fiction. Her ex-husband, Resnick (married with children when she began sleeping with him) took her to court to prevent her using his name.

    Kyle's mom was Jersey trash similarly knocked up in the back of a Chevy in the 50's. She was the homewrecker to the first Mrs. Richards who had several children before she began sleeping with him. She then married a known criminal for the ill gotten gains. Mama believed in trapped wealthy men.

    Both of Kyles weddings were shotgun. i.e. knocked up.

    Kim's three weddings, also ALL pregnant. The fourth father said no to marriage. Her next fiance was killed before her wedding by a hit man. A paid professional hit man. Her dear fiance was a criminal and defrauded the wrong wealthy people.

    Her nieces are the Hilton sisters, sex tapes, drugs, jail, no education, no worth to society, etc.

    Glanville, worked since age 16, then married a year before becoming a mother. Glanville has not cheated on anyone or sought out the support of a married man's bank account. Glanville does not lie, associate with disreputable characters nor has Glanville invented a false background.

    Oh, My! Glanville cursed/joked on the Howard Stern show.

    @ Logical Reasoning Wins All

    Wow...sounds like Brandi just told her life story here on a faceless, nameless website. Such courage, sucha saint. I must now cross myself. Sprinkling holy water in her saintliness' name. What a load of bull about the Richards. Get a life BRANDI!

    @ Lisa

    who are you? bitch you need someone to help you.

    @ Lisa

    Obviously you don't read or you would have read the book about the Hilton family.

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