Brandi Glanville on Real Housewives Co-Stars: Bunch of C--ts!

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Brandi Glanville does not hold back ... but she outdid even herself with comments yesterday on Howard Stern's radio show. She was in rare form indeed.

The Drinking & Tweeting author spoke candidly about her co-stars' salaries, lamenting that the more senior Housewives make $250,000 per season.

“I want what they’re getting, cause I feel like I work hard,” lamented Brandi Glanville, who added of her Beverly Hills co-stars, “They are just c**ts.”

Stern asked Brandi about the weird dynamics between her and ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, who she is somewhat ironically making more famous now.

Glanville notes that Eddie cheating her in such epic fashion with LeAnn Rimes made her famous ... and now she's using that notoriety to make money.

By bashing Eddie and raising his own profile. Ah the circle of gossip.

Brandi has made no issue of her beef with Cibrian, Rimes, Adrienne Maloof and others in recent months, and has no issue parlaying that into a career.

You have to give the mother of two credit for self-awareness, at least.

Stern, being Stern, then shifted his focus to her sexual proclivities.

“Are you bisexual?” queried the host. Glanville thought for a second and replied, “I’ve never been with a girl without a guy. I mean, I really love c**k.”

"Good for you," said Howard.

And there you have it.


And she is the biggest of them all...njo wonder her ex cheated and cheated on her....I hope this is her last year on the show.....she sucks...(we all know that she brags about that too)


Never has LeAn EVER ever sunk to the lowest level that Brandi has. She's plain ole and outright mean. I
kinda understand Eddie wanting away from her!!! Different slant here. I wish LeAnn and Eddie the best....if not Eddie, LeAn. He's been the pain in her life.


Me? I didn't see the show nor have I met her. But my comment is more aimed at the integrity of the media. The few comments below clearly show that this media took this all out of proportion and thus is untrustworthy. Whether hater or simpathizer it should be clear to you as well. The question is...Why not report on this in realistic context? Was or is there some underlying agenda here meant for defamation? Oops! Sorry. Two questions. *shruggs* Well integrity of media being lacking isn't new. NBC tends to doctor 911 tapes (the Zimmerman vrs Martin case of Florida) and even all the mainstream weather stations gave ficticious forcasts on Hurricane Issac to fugg with the Republican Convention (also Florida) So why do we trust the media in anything anymore? Why do we take the endorsements of Hollywood stars so seriously? I mean they endorse a polutical candidate with the same vigor they endorse a soap or some certain brand of cola or beer! How do they seem to know so much? TRUTH? THEY DON'T KNOW SHYT! FACT: people of this country need to take responsibility for at least making up their own minds after intelligently reviewing all the facts they can find. Doing less is laziness beyond comparison and will lead to slavery. If you allow others to make up your mind for you then you put you're health,welfare and financial stubility in the hands of people who couldn't give a rat's ass about you one way or the other; not to mention your very lives and that of everyone you so much as care even a little for to them that you love with all your heart. WAKE UP AMERICA! Take responsibility and TRUST NO ONE!


Over it tired she's a SKANK no one cares! GET A LIFE

@ RonnieCorral

Couldn't agree more.


So crass - unbelievably crass.


FACT: Brandi did NOT say what the headline states. The comment was a response to a question. She made a joke, then said, "Just Kidding !".I heard the entire interview. It was funny, self-deprecating, and plain silly. I don't expect much from tabloids, but really, this is too much. Where's the integrity? FACT: Brandi is the most popular of the stars of the series. FACT: She is on a book tour arranged by Simon & Shuster and had never ever given interviews bashing her ex-husband. This is her FIRST time telling her side. For over five years Rimes has created ALL the stories, including Glanville's fame. All of her interviews are humorous and upbeat. She moved on long ago. FACT: The book is quite fair and two sided. There is NO bashing; only explaining the facts and how she handled them under duress. FACT: The book is No. 2 on the Best Seller list and has a FIVE star rating on Amazon with over 500 reviews


Props to my fave housewife! She looked gorgeous on Stern and handled the shock jock with grace. Loved her mellow response when asked about her ex... the quotes from the interview were kind of misleading though, when I watched the clip the vibe was more mellow than they lead you to believe. Brandi was a pro... I enjoyed her interview. Thanks Howard!

Johnrobert schoen
@ Lori

She's a PIG! I've met her, and you know nothing.

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