Patrick Carney Changes Twitter Profile, Incurs Wrath of Justin Bieber Fas

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Online shots have been fired in the feud between Justin Bieber and Patrick Carney.

It all started last weekend, when The Black Keys drummer said Bieber should not worry about his lack of Grammy nominations because the event is based around music, not money.

"And he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

Translation: Bieber makes crappy music.

Patrick Carney Profile

Justin then replied that Carney should be slapped for the comment, which has led Carney to make the above change to his Twitter profile.

Carney's handle is now Justin Bieber and his description is now the official twitter for the actual verified Justin Bieber DOS virtual buddy.

As you might expect, Bieber's fans are less than enthused over this slap in the Twitter face.

They have taken to the social network and referred to Carney as a "dick" and as "immature," among other insults.

No public word yet from Justin himself, but why even bother? He can just let his millions and millions (and millions) of followers do the job for him.


I'm no Bieber fan - wrong demographic, and he's just not my cup of tea - but I don't understand the hate against him. Is it a crime to have young girls as devoted fans? His music is not crappier than many others', and he works to put on a good performance. So why are people so angry? Doesn't make sense.

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