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Everyone seems to have beef with Chris Brown these days.

Drake is suing him after their brawl last year, Frank Ocean threw down with him in a parking lot, the D.A. alleges he didn’t do community service … so it goes.

Now gang members are threatening him outside clubs!

Chris Brown in 2021
Photo via Getty

As he left Playhouse Wednesday night – the same venue where Drake was denied entry because Chris was inside – he was confronted by some crazy dude.

It’s unclear why the n-word, f-bomb throwing gangster was screaming at Brown, but he accused the star of being a crip and asked if his car was bulletproof.


Chris drove away from the scene without any sort of physical altercation, but not before dropping a few f-bombs and n-bombs of his own back at the guy.

When asked about the incident Friday outside his art studio, Rihanna‘s boyfriend was uncharacteristically sanguine. “It’s L.A. brother,” he told TMZ.

“You just gotta keep your head down and keep walking.”

Words to live by. Not ones Chris Brown seems to abide by, given his history of being even-tempered and avoiding conflict, but words to live by just the same.