Mindy McCready Death: Is Celebrity Rehab Exploitation to Blame?

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News of troubled country singer Mindy McCready's death from a self-inflicted gunshot wound took the celebrity news world by storm late Sunday.

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    It's sad when anyone takes their own life. I don't think alot of people who are on the outside looking in can grasp why? I hear many times all that money and fame, beauty wasted! They are human beings with problems like anyone else and along with all money,fame,beauty are a whole different set of problems. I don't think reality shows are to blame. They are sick and need help but only they can save their lives. A life vest can be thrown to them but unless they grab it and hold on for life so to speak. It won't save them they have to want it and apparently she had issues for a long period of time. I pray she is at peace in a better place where the worries and pain she was trying to get away from are no longer. God Bless her loved ones who are left behind and I pray her two sons will have lives of happiness and peace and will soon be back with family and not left in foster care.


    They sign up with Celebrity Rehab, they know they are putting their private lives out there. How could that make them worse? You decide and choose how you will live after treatment. If additional treatment is needed, then you go if you want to get well. Its your choice... No one is to blame!


    As always, you don't hear about the success stories, only the tradgedies. Dr. Drew is teaching them about addiction. He shows them what they need to stay sober, but he cannot be held responsible for people that do not follow their after care programs. Most of the people that go there are hard core addicts, they make the choice if they want to stay straight or use again. I think the show may very well help viewers that are addicted to see what they can do for help, or to see what happens if they continue to use. In no way is Celebrity Rehab responsible for the deaths of the ones that chose to use again!! My husband is a recovering alcoholic of twenty six years. He still is very active in his AA program. Many of the people he has seen come in the program over the years have gone back out. Some have died, but it certainly is not the fault of AA that they decided to go out and drink again. I think the program is amazing so that some people that thought they were too far gone can see what their options are..and that they CAN live a normal life again, IF they choose to follow the program.


    Ok, these people died from DRUGS AND ALCOHOL addiction. Although I don't necessarily agree with the show, Dr. Drew tried to help them. Heroin, meth, pills, and alcohol were the cause.


    Dr. Drew is not much better than Dr. ( sic) Phil and Oprah. They prey on vulnerable people by using them to advance their own careers and fame. Shame on them.


    Mindy MCready is an adult who died due to the poor choices she made. It is sad, but it is all on her.


    America is a failed society. Proof? The following story is the KKK Gypsys.

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