Mindy McCready Dead of Apparent Suicide

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Troubled country singer Mindy McCready was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound on Sunday afternoon. She was 37 years old.

Police were called to her Arkansas home and found her on the front porch.

A Mindy McCready Image

Dateline NBC's Andrea Canning tweeted, "Just got a call from Mindy McCready's best friend that she shot and killed herself this evening. My heart breaks for her two boys. RIP."

Despite a popular country music career in the 1990s, lately McCready has made headlines ever since for one bizarre incident after another.

Most recently, she's been in the news after her record producer boyfriend David Wilson also died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound last month.

McCready entered rehab after David Wilson's death, which she denies playing a role in, and has three previous suicide attempts of her own.

Wilson and Mindy McCready had a son Zayne together; he is less than a year old. McCready also has son Zander from a previous relationship with Billy McKnight.

A source has told TMZ that the singer shot her dog as well.

McCready's family has yet to release an official statement.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones.

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This person was self center and did not think how here kids is going to deal with the weak shit.


I feel bad for her. She must have been very unhappy. Maybe her boyfriends suicide drove her over the edge, but how could she just abandon her children like that?! Maybe she thought they were better off without her. I could never do that to my children. And what the hell did the dog do. Well, at least she didn't kill the children. That seems to be a sad phase thats going on.

@ seasiren770

seasiren770 I agree with you....it is very sad but a depressed unhappy soul can easily descend into great darkness.I shutter @ the thought of her shooting he children as well.What did the dog do to take it's life?dang!


Mindy was a beautiful woman. What a total waste of a life. To kill yourself over what or who is SAD... When people say DRUGS took over her life, to me, that's an excuse. I pray for her family. So tragic. Maybe now she can finally have the peace she needed so desperately. R.I.P.


First of all Mindy was a coward. (sorry), but when anyone kills themselves, they are selfish, cowardly, & don't care about their loved ones who are left behind. In her case, she has small children. She was also greedy only thinking of herself & her love life. I don't want to sound mean, but the reality show "Dr. Drew's Rehab" or whatever it was called was & is a JOKE. Five people already have died. This guy should NOT be on the air any longer. What good was he? He couldn't help anyone of them. Very sad....My prayers do go out to her family.

@ Gi

I agree. Also, I've said this on more than one occasion...as far as I'm concerned, suicide is such a SORRY-ASS COP-OUT!!!!! And, yes...VH-1's "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" is such a JOKE. And, that other one (Sober House) is no better. To me, Dr. Drew himself is such a passive IDIOT who emotionally coddles those spoiled-ass celebrities WAY TOO MUCH!!!!! As for VH-1 themselves, all they care about are DRAMA and (most of all) RATINGS!!!!! SUCH ASSHOLES!!!!!!!


Maybe I am just being too picky here, but I feel that there could've been a better delivery by Andrea Canning, as opposed to "...she shot and killed herself." Granted, if that is what happened, then she is telling the truth, but the delivery could've been a bit more compassionate and/or subtle.


Kill yourself if you must, but why take the life of a helpless dog?

@ Cheri Woods

I agree. Of course I didn't know who she was nor do I care about what she did to herself, but it totally "killed" me to hear about the poor dog, OMG it made me sick.

@ Cheri Woods

I agree w/Cheri Woods that if a person wants to kill themselves. FINE,,,,but why kill an INNOCENT ANIMAL... I was sick when I read that.


It seems that fame and fortune ain't shit w/o someone to share it with and be in love with. Strange how so many that starred on that celebrity reality show for ppl with psychological problems have died. The toll is now up to FIVE. THREE just from the single season that Mindy was in. There was indeed ALOT of intervention. Both legal and therapy. So why didn't it work? It seems that her major problem was a lack of a love life. Speculation suggests due to some other earlier trauma involving relationships which made it impossible to make them work. Introduce drug and alcohol addiction and finally the suicide of the only man she was handling a relationship with and a person believes the pain too much and the world (including loved ones) are better off without them. Even her father tried to file court papers against her. When everyone's against you including your family what's a person to do? I'm not suggesting suicide was the answer but it's usually viewed as the last act of total depression. I certainly don't blame her for it nor think it was selfish or cowardly. What I do wonder is how this effects that reality show and other stars. Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian immediately come to mind. Big stars who are in and out of relationships and constantly in public termoil. Maybe they are next. Things like this tend to happen in THREES.


I was watching something about her on TV. I think ur was on the ID channel where they show all those true life crimes and she was badly beating by her oldest son's Dad B4 she had her son and he left her for dead on the floor and she continued the relationship and had a baby by him. And her youngest son's Dad committed suicide last year, she was obviously hanging out with the wrong crowd. Not the kids would have a fair chance in life. It's one thing to hav mental illness, but it's another thing to not take the prescribed meds, and the rest of us have to deal with you.


It's sad and unfortunate that she chose to end her life. Even more devastating to those she left behind. I feel for her family and friends. My heartfelt condolences.

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