Chris Brown: Cheating on Rihanna With Sommer Gargan?

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Rihanna and Chris Brown looked happier than ever celebrating Christmas Day together at the Lakers game, then New Year's Day snuggled up in bed.

As usual, however, drama is never far from the controversial couple.

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Just before Christmas, he jetted off to Paris with ex Karrueche Tran, and allegedly banged French reality star Ayem Nour with Karrueche's permission.

Now, he's also been linked to Sommer Gargan. Whoever that is.

“He slept with her two different times at his recording studio,” an insider tells celebrity gossip magazine In Touch of Gargan, a blonde executive assistant.

This wasn't a one-off foreign booty call like Nour, either. After meeting through mutual friends, “They’ve been texting ever since ... even when he’s with Rihanna.”

Day. Um.

After a long period of speculation, Rihanna and Chris Brown resumed their friendship-turned love affair in earnest this fall after he broke up with Karrueche.

They're clearly exchanging bodily fluids again ... the question is whether it's monogamous. Particularly on Chris' side. Guy seems to be available whenever.

If In Touch's story is true ... talk about a cruel Sommer. Sorry.

Fittingly, Rihanna and Chris released a HOT duet together called "Nobody's Business" this fall, reportedly all about their tumultuous relationship.

We're guessing that would be their response to this story.


She was the meanest ugliest fattest girl at my high school and we pretended to be her friend just to avoid being on her bitch side. Everyone shoudl stay away from this "girl"


RIHANNA deserves better than chris brown. he's a no good for nothing lying cheating bastard and has no respect for riri. if he loved her he would stop texting those whores and that slut model he use to date. i hate chris brown he's done to much to hurt rihanna and she still coninues to love him i feel sorry for her.


as long as they are back together its ok


But DinnyQ cum on! Then why ar they lettin it go public?


Whatever they're young. They have time to figure it all out. These are just rumors anyway. No one knows what's happening behind closed doors except Chris and Rihanna. Both are claiming to be single and working on their friendship. Who cares anyway? They're consenting adults that can handle themselves. And it really IS nobody's business...


Any loser chick that would screw Chris Brown deserves what they get. You have to be pretty damn desperate to hook up with a woman beater. Maybe Chris screwed that check and Rihanna at the same time. I've read that she's into chicks too. Nothing would surprise me. Rihanna's a pretty nasty chick.


Cum on guys,let us try to control our zips from openin now and then!


it is so sad that such a pretty and talented your woman has such a piss-poor self image.

@ Marilyn

That's what I was thinking...sad. But, once you get into that pattern. It's amazing that you can have SO MUCH $$$ and undeniable TALENT & SUCCESS, but be so empty and lost...with little self-esteem. When you're on that pedestal, you just have no perspective any more. Maybe she just feels like she had to set it right...they always had a lot of chemistry and she wants to believe he didn't mean it? The problem is that those guys are not worth it once they've proven what they can do! He knows that he's damaged goods. She needs to stop feeling sorry for him. There's a billion other men to choose from!!!...


Chris is a dog. i dont know why Rihana is still with him. thier are better and trusted men out there


OMG.... Who the heck cares. Those Two are horrible,cant stand hearing about them anymore. She keeps going back so she deserves everything she gets. And really who wants Chris? I'm mean really they are both meant for one another. I'm so tired of hearing and seeing them.

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