Ayem Nour: I Banged Chris Brown (With Karrueche Tran's Permission)

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As if the ongoing love triangle featuring Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Karrueche Tran weren't complicated enough, Ayem Nour claims she boned Brown this month.

With Karrueche's consent, no less.

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Nour, a popular French reality star and model, tells Oops! magazine (yes, that's a real thing) that she had sex with Brown while he was partying with Tran in Paris.

According to Nour, the sex was beautiful and she's flattered to be in the same league as Rihanna ... who was getting it on with Chris after he dumped Karrueche.

Confused yet?

Oops! magazine probably isn't the most reliable tabloid, even by celebrity gossip standards, so obviously, whatever Ayem Nour claims is highly dubious.

Just the same, in its latest issue - featuring Nour and the headline "I Slept with Chris Brown!" - she insists that she and Chris slapped bodies in Paris.

After Nour, who supposedly first met Brown on his "Celebration" video set, explains that she and a friend were invited back to his room after a night of partying.

"When we entered the room, there were a lot of people ... it was very festive. There was alcohol, music ... and a bit of grass," says the Parisian brunette.

Oh, and Karrueche Tran was there ... and find with sharing her man.

"[Karrueche] has never interfered in the relationship between Chris and me," Nour explains, insisting that the duo is "rather open" when it comes to sexuality.

The price of being back with Chris Brown, perhaps. Whatever works?

As for Rihanna, Ayem says she's proud to follow in her footsteps.

Nour says, "It's beautiful and flattering. I do not ask for much. Some will criticize me, but I put any girl in challenge to say no to Chris Brown."

Challenge issued, Jenny Johnson.

Earlier this week, Christina Milian said that Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are officially back together, just a few months after he dumped her for Rihanna.

Or "because of his friendship" with Rihanna, to use Breezy's official line.

In any case, now you're up to date. Who gets in Chris Brown's pants yet is anyone's guess, but let's hope Rihanna, Karrueche and Ayem all use protection.


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Sad relationship


Y'all believe everything y'all read. It's a shame.


Karruche tran she has fat face seems a man has big hands very ugly.


They should all be ashamed of themselves. Instead of portraying a good image to the youth of today, they are teaching how to be sluts...On top of that they are only tarnishing their image.And the sad thing is that they are all against AIDS, But what we see today is that they are promoting AIDS by being "unfaithful". They are totally lack of morals and respect for themselves...


the other friend was Nabilla, and she is much hotter than this Ayem... so i wouldnt doubt if chris banged Nabilla


Karrueche can't tell chris nothing, he might love her but not in love with her. she is very scare to get the boot so she keeps her mouth shut. Saddddd young lady.


It must be true cuz Karrueche didn't care when he was touching on all those girls in France and she ain't say nothing to him..she obviously gave him permission to keep doing that to her..no man should be disrespecting his girl like that especially in front of her!


who cares who hes screwing??? They seem like a bunch of sluts to me, and he is a bit violent isnt he???? If he was flipping burgers at Burger King he'd never get laid......

@ sandy

He would be getting laid because he is sexy as hell and his tattoos are soooo sexy! Think before u type next time!


I'm french. Ayem lies about this story. She never banged with Chris Brown. She just want to be famous in France. However her friend "Nabilla" banged with Chris Brown.

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