Kate Gosselin Bitch-Slaps Robert Hoffman; Site WIPED of Anti-Kate Posts

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Kate Gosselin scored an apparent and significant victory in her legal battle with Robert Hoffman, the author of a tell-all book about the mother of eight.


Hoffman, who was already forced to remove his e-book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World from Amazon, received another surprise Monday:

All the anti-Kate posts on his website are GONE.

"I honestly don't know anything yet (about the situation)," Hoffman said, adding that he was "waiting for an explanation" regarding the data takedown.

Hoffman was previously silenced by law firms who succeeded in getting Amazon to remove his e-book, which contained info taken from her hard drive.

In recent weeks, he has charged that she is physically violent toward her children, and detailed her seemingly endless quest for free products.

He has accused her of using her children for fame, stated that Jon Gosselin - his friend - is the better parent, and admitted to calling CPS on her.

Now all of the material on his website has been removed.

He revealed he received this message at the top of his account page: "We have received a DMCA complaint for one or more of your blogs."

Hoffman says he never received any emails from Google or any other entity, except one directing him to Google's policy on removing content.

It seems that one of Kate's lawyers successfully went around Hoffman and succeeded in having his material officially removed, at least for now.

The last post Hoffman put up was about Jon, his children and his girlfriend. He extolled his parenting skills with a brutal comparison to Kate Gosselin.

Hoffman claims he has more damaging info that he "will release at a later date."

He may just need to do it on a sandwich board at this rate. Guy's getting worked.

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I keep hoping that one day I'll click on a link with her name in it and it will lead me to a story that details Kate Gosslin's life on the streets as a homeless person eating out of trash cans and engaging in other assorted indignities to survive that this wretched, soul-sucking, fame obsessed, shrieking harpy so richly deserves. Shame on anyone who would pay single penny to enrich this wicked woman.

@ UncleDirtNap

What you wish on the mother you wish on the children. Their father obviously cannot support them.


Kate- again with a decent pr firm behind you like every other reality star- YOU NEED A PIT BULL IN YOUR CORNER! Like we have said before you are guilty BEFORE ANY TRIAL! In this country your rights are being violated. Again we respect you being professional and taking the high road -BUT-for your kids sake and your efforts you need to fire back! John is John - but no one would argue te fact that you protect the family! Please let us not display your anger , let us help you explain the truth. We think you have enough on your plate Kate . Please advise .


She hasn't a leg to stand on anyway. Free speech and all that.


The site is still up, the posts are back up, and there are new ones. Not a victory for Kate after all...


Not really a victory for Kate. She is despised by the masses, is a chronic liar, an awful and friendless woman, who mistreats her children for money. There will never be a win win situation for Kate, as she is evil and mentally unstable.


I would say that Kate Gosselin has bitch slapped the whole country.


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