Kate Gosselin Book Controversy: Did Jon Steal Hard Drive For Tell-All's Author?

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Jon Gosselin secretly gave the author of a new Kate Gosselin book computer hard drives containing deeply personal information, according to an explosive new report.

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Two law firms say Robert Hoffman's tell-all about Kate Gosselin violated trade secrets and copyright laws, and it was pulled off of Amazon after only two days.

Hoffman admits obtaining Kate's computer hard drive, but maintains he pulled it out of her trash (no joke) and that Jon had nothing to do with his action.

But now a source close to the situation tells a different story.

"Jon made copies of her hard drive and gave them to Rob as a backup plan in case there was anything he needed while they were going through their divorce," a source tells Radar.

Hoffman maintains he did not get any of the information from Jon.

"Regarding Jon Gosselin, as stated clearly in the book, he had absolutely nothing to do with personally giving me any information whatsoever for the book," he said.

You should reach out to him personally to answer any questions."

Rob's book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, is filled with what appear to be emails from Kate, the Discovery network, contracts and personal documents.

The book also contains allegations that Kate has been violent with her children, and that Child Protective Services were called because of her actions twice.

Hoffman says he hasn't even printed the half of it, saying:

“The other 90 percent of the material that I possess will not be published, ever, but you can be sure that if I'm falsely accused of anything and drug [sic] into court, or called a liar by Kate Gosselin or her lawyers, this information will come out then, including photographs. I also have physical and photographic evidence to back up my claims in the book."

"There is so much more to this that hasn't been revealed."

Jon has not commented on the allegations made here.

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Hello everyone! I really love the Jon and kate plus 8, it is a wholesome family tv show. I dont care about the divorce or rumors flying around on both parties. I just know they are both GOOD PARENTS, it is just both of them have two different set of personalities. For me, there relationship would stay-on if both had learn to be patience and forgiving to each other. Life isnt perfect and there will be stumbling blocks will come during the course of marriage. About the recent issue I had read lately, I dont think Jon would had done such mischief to her wife. I know in someways there is less emotional healing in both parties. However, even in the midst Jon's pain, he have respect for his kids and Kate. If he truly loves his kids, he will not go to that extent to harm KATE. He would hold-on to the LOVE his dedicated for his kids.


Geesh, I don't understand why everyone is hating on a mother of 8 who is just trying to make a living. Get a life and leave her alone. John is the spotlight seeker as you will find out if you watch my life is a lifetime movie in November where his x girlfriend (not Kate) tells what kind of person he really is. I am not taking either side and living my own life because there are two sides to every story, publications exaggerate and lie and I have a life of my own. I usually don't comment on these things but this is so childish. How would you like it if you were publicly bashed just because you agreed to do a show to help support your children. It is very stressful raising two kids let alone 8 and no one deserves this. You all are acting like she is some kind of criminal. Let it go!




The "source?" Not credible at all. This could be Kate for all we know or maybe even Steve who obviously wasn't doing his job to let Kate's deepest darkest secrets fall into someone else's hands. At this point if you want to be believed you'll need to put your real name to the story,


Free Britney? You should be fire Britney! Lies, that is what you printed! If Jon were a mean person, he could sue your pants off! Where did you get your information before you reported it, Kate? Must of been, it's nothing but a bunch of lies from a child abuser! Get the facts,
and retrack that bunch of lies you reported!


If Jon were a mean person, he could sue the pants off you! Where do you get your information from, Kate?
It must be, it is a bunch of lies! Do your homework before spewing about something, you know nothing about!


Kate kept a lock on her bedroom door whenever she and Jon were flip flopping custody at the house. How could Jon have gotten a copy of her hard drive if her computer was locked up in her room? Kate has said herself that she has a desk and computer in her bedroom. No way would she let Jon step a toe in there. I have the book on Kindle,as well, and there is NO DOUBT that those emails aren't real. They are exactly the word usage and phrases Kate is known for. You can hear her voice loud and clear. There is not one doubt in my mind she has abused those kids and I knew that before any book or journal/emails were made public. FOR SURE we are witnessing Joan Crawford part 2 and all these people are sitting by looking the other way and ignoring what she's done.


I have a copy of the book on my Kindle. Kate is a child abusing horrible excuse for a mother! In her own words she talks about spanking 2 year olds for potty accidents...pulling one child by the hair...keeping them in cribs for hrs during the day. If you want a copy too contact me hollywoodgossip.

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