Kate Gosselin to Exploit Kids on New Reality Show?

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The writer whose anti-Kate Gosselin tell-all book controversy resulted in legal threats and the book being pulled from Amazon says he's got more dirt to dish yet.

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Robert Hoffman, author of the e-book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled America, paints her as a grating hypocrite capable of abuse and violence toward her kids.

Hoffman once reported her to Child Protective Services and claims Kate is continuing to “exploit and humiliate” her eight children by filming a new reality show.

He admits he has not verified the information about the show but heard about it through a very credible source - one who says high-level people are involved.

“I got a call from a source who told me about Kate filming the kids with someone else in the past two weeks for a new reality show. The person is a big name," he says.

Hoffman says he wrote about the 37-year-old reality star to expose her time in the limelight as an "eight-year web of lies, abuse, greed and manipulation."

Jon Gosselin was rumored to have leaked and/or stolen information about Kate for his book, although Hoffman denies this, saying he found Kate's hard drive in a dumpster.

That story sounds about as real as Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries.

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Kate is a bully. Would you want this personality employeed as your child's teacher? Or in any authoritative position? She's a bully. She bullied her family out of her life- her parents, siblings, husband, she's now working on bullying her children away- and it won't be too long away. Maddie and Cary may go to a college in PA ((I believe it may be paid for all 8 kids and not just the sextuplets) but I will bet you- that they will live there and make there lives far away from Kate. She'll be getting cats soon, to garentee herself company in her old age. NOT A FAN.


I really do not understand why everyone hates this woman. She loves her children, and all of you have no right to bring her down. Half of you probably don't even have kids. Why do we care who's children are on TV? Why don't we talk about how 19 kids in counting is exploiting their children, or how Toddlers and Tiaras is wrong, or maybe that Honey Boo Boo is in an unhealthy house. Because NONE of you care about those shows. I am sure all of you once found enjoyment out of the show now you hate Kate because you want to be like everyone else. GROW UP!

@ Jacob

Jacob, you are clueless. Kate loves no one more than she loves herself, including her poor children. Comparing her to the Duggars is shameful. Have you ever seen them berate one of their children in front of others, including in front of a camera? No. Yet Kate has done so repeatedly. She will do anything, including publicly embarrassing her children, to get her own way.

@ Frogmore

Number one, the Duggars don't have time to berate their children, the have too many of them, but do you think making them take care of all the sisters, and brothers, is a good thing. Can you name one berated moment, give me an example, that Kate did that was so horrible? Kate is trying to make money for her family, and if it's doing another show, more power to her. I personally liked the show, and would watch if she did another one. I think there are too many people out there whishing they could do the same thing, but they wouldn't be any good at it. I say some people don't have anything better to do than go after others. The question to ask your self are you perfect, have you raised one child let along 8.


Hoffman, YOU BLOW things way out of proportion. Kate is raising eight GOOD children. Have you ever even raised one child? I seriously doubt it. YOU sound like an idiot when it come to bearing and birthing and raising children.
And b/c Katie had difficulties house training two german shepard puppies you slam her??? Have you ever had eight children and two unhouse trained puppies? Again, I doubt it.
One column said you were Jon Gosselin's buddy. Jon had an affair with the daughter of Kate's plastic surgeon. OOOOooh yuck.
Hoffman, until you can Man Up and raise eight good children and house train two german shepard puppies ===go get a life. Take your trash talking and stuff it.

@ katie

And don't give me that crap about $$$ being in a corporate trust for the kids. Firstly, the Commonwealth of PA made you do that, and secondly, every dime should be in it with not one of it going to improve your appearance which was fine to begin with, excluding that stupid rooster tail that was on the back of your head. You never learned to love yourself as you were, so you're trying to "build" yourself with plastic and fakery into something you can love. That's not how it works Kate. Get help!!! For your kid's sakes, GET HELP!!!

@ katie

Another thing Katie (or should we call you Kate Gosselin?), parents who truly love their children don't take pay for raising them. They put every cent they have into the welfare of their kids, and don't spend it on expensive clothing and shoes, $700 hairdos by a famous NYC stylist, fake fingernails, boob jobs, and Lord only knows what else. That money should have been saved for the kids futures. Not squandered on their mother's ego-maniacal vanity.

@ katie

I was a nanny for over 10 years, having 5 children under the age of 3 in the house at a time, including with pets - trained and otherwise, so don't give me that crap. Her children may be growing up "good" but it isn't because of anything she does because everything she does is for herself first and foremost. If that weren't true, she wouldn't embarrass her children in public and on camera just to get her own way. She's an out-of-control ego-maniac who will sacrifice anything, including the well-being of her own children, just to get her own way and to stay in the public's eye.


Damn . We Pennsylvanians just wish she would move to the Left Coast so we can have some peace and quiet!


It's amazing how many people don't like this woman- myself included- people are good judge of characters by nature and so many people's instincts have been right on the money with her - she's sooo narcissistic she could care less- she really has mental issues - pitiful -


Isn't is about time people stop writing about this useless human being?


Really folks - get real - if you do not want to know what is going on with her quit reading it! I think it gives you great pleasure to just be plain mean. Give the anger to someone who really deserves it like Octomom! At least Kate loves her kids and does not do porno and drugs. Give her a break. I for one like her and want to see her and her kids happy and would like for once someone to just give her a little positive feedback. Kate - just ignore people who get great pleasure out of making rude and mean comments.

@ Jayne Lash

We are all entitled to our opinions! You have yours, and we have ours!!!!
You know what they say about opinions, everybody has one!


can't stand her, she needs to get a job and let the kids try and have a normal life... she's in the same class as octomom, and she reminds me of my ex sister in law... gross


This woman is disgusting. There are no lengths she will not go to to make those kids support her.
After all the death and destruction of Hurricane Sandy, she actually took to Twitter to rave about "#SuperfunSandy". Sickening. Try to sell that load of crap to the family of the little girl killed by a falling tree in NYC.

@ Kara

Kara...I truly believe that BOTH you and your comment speak the truth...in volumes!!!!! Girlfriend, there is NOTHING fun or super about a hurricane and other natural disasters. But, of course, that skank-ass Kate is being Kate...insufferable whore-bag and all. I can only imagine how much family therapy all of those poor kids of Kate's are gonna need once they're all grown up one day. KATE IS BEYOND DISGUSTING!!!!!


Whoever is doing a reality show with Kate and/or her kids is an idiot. Their last show was canceled due to low ratings. Their ratings sucked before, why would anyone think they would be better now? Plus, Kate is even more disliked than before, and the kids are older and not as cute. But, if some network wants to throw their money away on this loser, then go ahead! There's no cure for stupidity.