Justin Bieber Spends the Night with Selena Gomez!

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Okay, maybe this relationship isn't so over after all.

While some reports claim Justin Bieber was shot down this week in his attempt to reconcile with Selena Gomez, sources now tell TMZ that the polar opposite is actually the case:

These two superstars spent Wednesday night together. If you know what we mean!

Selena Gomez and a Fan

An insider close to the estranged couple says Bieber and his driver picked Gomez up at the airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday. They then took her back to her house, where Justin also crashed.

Yesterday morning, the two rode over to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills together.

But they entered separately as to not arouse suspicion.

What might this mean for the duo? It's too early to say for sure.

Previously, it had been reported that Bieber was deciding between life as Selena's boyfriend or life as a bachelor who gets with supermodels. Might he have arrived at a decision?

And is it the right one? Should Jelena run it back?


aww too bad for you two i am always cheering on for you two... you know there is always hope you two are like my role models in school


yeah these two are sooo over the bridge


Justin bieber and selena gomez should get married, they both look cute when they are together.


Aren't you two too young to have sex?

@ heh

you're surprised? there aren't any 18/19 year old virgins anymore especially with hollywood Celebrities.


he is so amazing and she is so amazing i will always be a Justin Bieber fan

@ Hayley burrows

he is so amazing i would love meet him one day plz lord i would love to see him so much

@ Hayley burrows

yeah right justin n selena word of advice you two should get back i wasted money buying posters and stisking your pics on it


One question - Who was babysitting?


It think u guys r rlly cutee together maybe u two culd work things out with each other so dat u culd be together am sure dat the thing dat made u guyz split can easily be settled i believe in both of u nd u r a role model to me soo pls work things out with each other i luvu guys


They both need to grow up! soooo sick of hearing together and over. how many break ups before they relize the fairytale is over. thats the joy of being in yoing love! ......move on.


She needs to date Lebron James

@ Yo

She is way too young for a man like Lebron James.

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