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James Holmes, the alleged shooter in the Aurora movie theater massacre, was hospitalized after running headfirst into a jail cell wall in an apparent bid to kill himself.

Law enforcement authorities described the 24-year-old’s self-inflicted injuries as “half-hearted” attempts to commit suicide, CBS4 Denver reported.

Though he was released yesterday, the judge accepted a request from his attorneys to postpone a hearing today due to Holmes’ stay in an area hospital.


The prosecution objected to the request to reschedule the hearing, saying that the defense needed to give an explanation of what happened to Holmes.

His lawyers were deliberately vague about their client’s medical condition.

“It’s not as simple as a migraine,” public defender Tamara Brady said of Holmes, “and it’s not something that will resolve itself by [this] morning.”

Sources told KOAA that James Holmes first stood on the bed in his cell and fell backwards, apparently in the hopes of cracking his head open.

He followed that by running head first into his jail cell wall, and then in a third attempt to hurt himself, smashed his head against that wall.

Needless to say, he survived.

Holmes shot 70 people and killed 12 of them, allegedly, at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, July 20.