Selena Gomez SHUTS DOWN "Desperate" Justin Bieber Reconciliation Attempts, Reports Claim

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Justin Bieber desperately wants to win Selena Gomez back.

She wants none of this, according to dueling reports today.

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"He is texting her like crazy trying to stay in her good graces," a source told the Huffington Post, noting that a "desperate" Bieber will stop at nothing.

"If either one of them slows down and they actually have the chance to spend time together again, he is sure they will end up back together."

Selena, who has spent the last day blocking her phone and other communication methods so Justin cannot contact her, may have missed that memo.

He's been living it up - and reportedly contemplating nailing supermodels - but he's promised to stop texting other girls if Selena will take him back.

Selena wants no contact whatsoever with Justin, however, so whatever they tried to hash out during their big sit-down Sunday apparently didn't work.

She has blocked her phone (which includes texting). She's still following Justin on Twitter, but he's been blocked from all other forms of contact.

And get this: According to TMZ, the Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez breakup "absolutely, positively involved another woman" ... though it's unclear who.

There's been speculation that it's a Victoria's Secret model, but it's unclear. All we know is Selena has "trust issues" and is repulsed by Miley Cyrus.

That's all for now. Choose your side:


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Justin is a bitch and he does not know how to treat a lady he cant keep a relationship if he tryed but salena can


I know selena is right because she is trying to be or get away from justin and he still wants to date


Go Selena! I support you 100%. I know that there's a perfect (real) GUY out there just waiting for you.

@ Daisy

Clearly not hence why her ass is the imperfect one. Bobbing around Hollywood like a slut


Is it just me or does Selena strike anyone as a lesbian in the making .don't get me wrong I'm not trying to disrespect anyone here but this just seems to me to be one of those celebrity "beard" relationships no? What if Selena is a lezzy and Justin was her way of sort of getting her public use to the idea that she may in fact be a girls to speak! I don't know, hell maybe I'm wrong but its plausible right? Just sayin'! Again no disrespect to Selena. She seems like a lovely, cool and talented young lady.

@ Marianna

Lmao that's the firs time ice heard that haha usually people say Selena's a beard for Justin

@ Marianna

Trust me, Marianna in this day and age nobody is who they say there are unless they can prove it. But it's a possibility.

@ Brittney


@ Marianna

@Marianna Selena gomez is NOT a girl's girl.... She is amazing, and very pretty. You're just jealous, you can't say mean things about someone and just say 'No Offense.' Only say things about Selena that you would say to her face!

@ Mellissa

Amazing? Bitch please you don't Even know her and she looks like shit without makeup.i find it funny her shitless fans like you always claims someone's jealous of that got damn girl. You're DELUSIONAL. Best believe anyone would say what they want to her ass. Selena can't do shit noone ain't scared of that girl chipmunk looking bitch

@ Mellissa

But it isn`t a BAD thing! It isn`t likely but it is possible. I don`t understand why you are saying it is a big insult.

@ Montana

She's just a fan in denial.


...Selena You fantastic...:):)Selena,Go to win...:):):)


She ain't shit


wow! i got a question for u guys either u guys are dating or ur not im confused now.


well.....i think it's all alot of bull...they are both so young they can pretty well do what they want, especially when you have millions to do it...sure they are far apart all the time, so it makes sense to breakup and move on.

@ bruce

no it doesnt.


Good job, Selena! Don't fall for that little shits lies anymore! You deserve better!

@ Miho

Clearly the only little shit and liar is her and her actions and tweet proves that. She deserves better? Next fucking joke. She won't saying that shit whn Justin treated her like a got damn queen.


Justin seems a little slow in this matter. Whatever he did to upset Selena,I am thinking it was the 'straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back' so-to-speak. Meaning that I think this has been brewing for a long time. It's just that whatever he did this particular time---made Selena say;"I have had ENOUGH! You don't get to treat me this way ANYMORE!! Go do others this way,if you're going to,but---I am Not Wasting my time with-it!"
If this is indeed the case,what Justin may believe is a quick-fix situation,is in actuality,a buried issue...He just can't see-it yet...Man is that gonna sting when he does...
Selena: Stick to your guns. Sometimes you have to realize when it's best to cut someone loose...Protect yourself,doll. Nobody can do that for you,but---YOU...
Later all; Hollywood---out...

@ 2wild42long

I find it funny you say that yet Selena was the one fucking around on him. To know so much you know so little


hi hru beautiful pic