Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless, Taunts Selena Gomez?

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Has Justin Bieber taken to Instagram in order to taunt Selena Gomez?

The question must be asked in light of this couple's split and the new photo Bieber posted over the weekend, which depicts the singer shirtless and posing as if to say:

Hey, girl. Look at what you're now missing!

Justin Bieber Shirtless Pic

Neither Bieber nor Selena have said much about their shocking break-up, but Bieber did sing Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" in Boston on Saturday night - and we all know what that song is about!

A pair of former co-stars, meanwhile, have taken Selena's side on Twitter and lashed out at Bieber.

In other words: without even knowing what happened, it's getting ugly.

Are you sad these two have parted ways? Which side are you on?


Justin bieber I love you I'm coming to your concert I'm your number one fan in the world


i love justin and i have always said "no matter what happens i will always be on justin's side"


As far as I am concerned Justin is just a nebish and I can not see why anyone would care about him!!!


he is so gonna do it with those VS models. he was a kid in a grown up candy store and it is time to spray.


Huh... Still skinny


He is so not that sexy boy with the hot body, he looks toooo much like a little boy still

@ Ashley

Haters wow your the sexiest teen love u jb


Looks like a pacifier in his mouth... or is it an elongated sex toy?


F*GGOTS in general like more the pictures of his ANUS!!
........that's where they care for most.

@ baja

That's not true. If he were gay or bisexual (which I doubt) and if I were his boyfriend I would love him as my fellow human being. Sex is only an expression of desire. But what matters more is to just be with who you love.


Okay so..... theres obviously a reason Sel broke up with Justin but...... i still support Jelena <3 Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber FOREVER <3 :]


come on i have a far better looking body than that piece of plank....

@ Vade

*same* he is NOT hot


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