Taylor Swift Splits with Conor Kennedy!

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It looks like Taylor Swift already has material for her next album.

The musician, who is appearing on every talk show ever created this week in promotion of "Red," has reportedly split from her latest boyfriend, 18-year old Conor Kennedy.

Taylor Swift in Times Square

"They quietly parted ways a while ago," a friend tells Us Weekly, explaining: "It was just a distance thing. No hard feelings. They're fine."

Are they, though? This whirlwind romance grew so serious so quickly that talk sprung up of an elopement.

Instead, Swift's career simply became too much.

"It's been over a month since they've even seen each other," the source says. "With her promotion for Red, she has no time off until the end of the year."

Perhaps they'll get back together at that point.

Until then, Ellen DeGeneres, looks like you have another name to throw up on your screen.

Regina callahan

I really doubt if it is Taylor dumping him as bad as she wants in that family. It is more than likely just a summer fling for him. Now he is back to school with pretty girls his age and she is probably nagging him about it, wanting him to leave school and go about the country with her. His Dad already commented on this telling his son to keep his mind on school, not running around the country with Taylor. She will keep the house so she can still be close to the Kennedy's. Maybe now she will quit dressing like like Jackie O. She is one singer that actually probably looks better IN clothes than without...without would show off her slumped shoulers . Someone needs to tell her to stand up straight before she becomes humpbacked. That picture of her from this summer where she is kissing Connar, she looks very humped back! Connar is probably more popular now than ever in school since he did Taylor!


For petesakes folks he was too dang young for her anyway, he is 17, if it were the other way around you'd surely be having fits about it.


Let's face it people. The only reason why guys date Taylor Swift is because of this "I'm an innocent, little princess in love" image she gives off in some of her music videos. But in truth she is just a slut. She always plays the victim card whenever guys break up with her and she acts sooooo childish towards the guys that break up with her. There is just something wrong with this girl.

@ Corn

just keep ur mouth shut or i'll break it u dumb ass, u all boys are same....stupid idiot

@ radhika more

Calm down geez, All I said is the truth. Taylor always plays the victim card in relationships and publicly displays her childishness. What's more, on Ellen when she was asked about this she nearly broke down whereas, if she did not want people asking about it, why write a song about it? I honestly don't see how I am the "stupid idiot" here when you are the one that immaturely calls someone "dumb ass" and states "all boys are the same". I know this is the internet but at least come up with a good explanation to defend Taylor instead of going emotional about it.

@ radhika more

Obsess much, you mouthy bitch? Jesus Christ. She's a singer, she's not your god. The man is entitled to his opinion. If you don't like it, ignore it. Don't fucking threaten to break someone's mouth.


Maybe its me but I believe that this young lady is a lot like any other writer when she uses certain aspects of her life to write a hit song. Its all about the experience for her. She's super talented but Jeez get a grip girl!" Sober or later she's gonna look up and see that all of her life, she would've had no real relationship based on substance, she would've had nothing but Grammys for all of her fake ass relationships because noone told her to just calm the hell down with the madness. By the by, she really does owe Kanye West a huge thank you because I would not have known this chick if he hadn't been rude enough to interrupt her acceptance speech. Just saying. She's talented but needs to calm down Big time.!


Is anybody really surprised anymore? Something has got to be wrong witih this girl to have so many guys running away screaming. She just screams crazy to me.

Shane ladd

At least she won't end up on the bottom of a muddy creek in Massachusetts.


Let's face the truth here, folks. Taylor Swift is just a little tramp.


We are never ever ever getting back together...and every ex-bf said "Thank God!"


Here we go again!

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