Taylor Swift Grilled on Ex-Boyfriends, Squirms Uncomfortably

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Taylor Swift has appeared all over the small screen this week, performing songs off her new album "Red."

But the 22-year old superstar stopped by Ellen yesterday and the topic turned from the notes on her music to the lyrics in her singles, specifically: Who the heck has she been writing about?!?

Unwilling to reveal any ex-boyfriends, the host gave Swift a bell to ring any time a photo of one appeared on screen.

Taylor Lautner? John Mayer? Danny Devito?

Watch now as Taylor tries to respond, only to become legitimately uncomfortable and eventually joke that her dating life is "sad," making her question what she stands "for as a human being..."


Ok, I watched it, and it's funnier than I thought it'd be (Duh, it's Ellen!). I still stand by what I said--Taylor sucks. And should could have the cohonas to say, "with the smack I talk in songs, I'm not naming names!" Own it, unfunny girl. Try to lighten uuup.


Aww, think it's "downright fun" to write songs that put ex's in a bad light, but when asked to talk about them, you choke? She is such a fucking baby. You only get the right to want to be private about your private life when you DON'T make comments like you did last week, that show it's more than cathartic to write about love gone wrong; it's necessary to be just spiteful and juvenile about it too. She is no where near talented enough to be slightly famous, let alone a record breaker. If she didn't have these looks, she'd be no where.

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