Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy: Elopement Ahead?!?

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Taylor Swift is known for penning songs about her personal life, specifically any breakup that has left her heartbroken.

But the singer is reportedly so taken with Conor Kennedy that members of his famous family don't believe Swift will ever write a track about her new 18-year old boyfriend. EVER.

That's right: the Kennedys could see this pair getting married.

Taylor Swift Down Under

I am never, ever, ever splitting with Conor Kennedy!

Swift and Kennedy just started dating in July, but insiders tell The New York Post that "things have become so serious between them so fast that no one in Hyannis Port would be surprised if they eloped.”

Taylor left her man last week in order to take care of some business in Nashville, but sources say she missed Conor so much that she sent a private plane to bring him to her in Tennessee. Adds the mole:

"They are inseparable and are all over each other all the time... She always falls very hard and becomes very intense very quickly, and this time is no exception. In fact, she seems to have fallen even harder.”

As a sure sign that the relationship is most definitely serious, Taylor accompanied Conor to his mother's grave last week.


I think its really sweet that Taylor is happy, all you fucking retards saying shes making a bad move need to shut the fuck up, you should be happy that he is making her happy, not being angry because she might be getting married, cos i mean honestly, what are the chances that any of you are going to marry her. grow up and get a fucking life fucktards.


Taylor, do what you want and don't listen to all the negative hipe! YOU CAN HAVE ANYONE YOU WANT,JUST LOVE WHOEVER IT IS AND SQUEEZE HIM TO DEATH....YOU GO GIRL!


Way to go Taylor, marry a Kennedy...or even get involved with one is bad news. You wanna end up like Mary Jo? Joanne? Ethel? Marilyn? or the rest of the Kennedy women? This family is bad bad bad news. And you better stop hopping from bed to bed too.....starting to think you are a stupid little whore.


Hi Storm, you must be a schizophrenic. You're writing does not make any sense. Did you take your meds? I wonder if Taylor Swift is promiscuous? She reportedly had romances with these other guys and it didn't work out, now she's messing around with this kid. I wonder how long this is going to last, will it swiftly fizzle out like all the other paramours she's had and written a song about.


Taylor, Conor is an 18 year old BOY for goodness sakes. Honey, he may be cute and may be from a wealthy family, but he is way too young for the kind of love you may be feeling. You are going to end up with a very badly broken heart if you don't start chilling out. Your fans, and people who admire you, will be very sorry to see it happen, but I promise you that it will.


Oh, these two getting "hitched" would be sooooooo cool!!!!


Does Conor really want to give up going to college as a single person? Would Taylor really want to deprive him of some of the fun years of his life? They are both too young to consider marriage at this age.


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