The Voice Recap: Everybody Loves Christina Aguilera

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The Voice's epic first week came to an end last night, and the clear winner - aside from the contestants who actually get to move on - is Christina Aguilera.

Following Monday's The Voice Season 3 premiere and Tuesday night's hour-long episode, Wednesday again saw Xtina clean up against her fellow coaches.

Maybe she's just that popular, despite not winning either season? Or getting more screen time early on to blunt the impact of Britney Spears on X Factor?

Whatever the reason, she is picking up aspiring singing stars left and right in Season 3. Read our recap below to see which blind auditions made the cut!

The Voice Season 3 Photo

Team Christina Aguilera

Christina increased her team to seven members, most notably with Nelly's Echo, whose take on "Ain't No Sunshine" won over both Xtina and Adam.

Obviously, Aguilera won out, and enlisted this act:

Christina also picked up Lisa Schinta and Marissaan, although they were rather quickly glanced over. Watch brief snippets of their auditions here:

Team Adam Levine

Adam picked up the first contestant of the night in Samuel Mouton, whipping that chair around immediately once he heard this "Redemption Song."

Levine also added Loren Allred, who we saw very little of (above), then enlisted Nicolle Nelson and her performance of "Hallelujah." She was great:

Team Blake Shelton

Blake picked up the first duo of the season in mother-daughter combo 2 Steel Girls, straight out of Nashville and covering "Before He Cheats." Nice.

Think they did Carrie Underwood proud with this effort?

Team Cee Lo Green 

Having been shut out on at least a dozen others he wanted so far this season, Cee Lo again picked up a singer that no other coach wanted in Domo.

Domo is ... interesting. Think this pick pays off for Cee Lo?

Which was your favorite performance? Who do you think has a shot to win it all? Anyone from this week? Which coach's style do you enjoy most?

The Voice blind auditions continue next week! Enjoy!


Eh, I’m so sick of the Bieber comparisons these days. The blind auditions are good though because if they weren’t, some of these fine singers’ chances would be dashed by their, um, looks. Perhaps that is a detriment to their possible careers and the success of album sales, but it sure makes for a fair competition based on talent. My Dish coworker thinks they were just trying to find something that hasn’t been done and didn’t care if it doesn’t make sense. I enjoyed watching The Voice though, a new show for me, which I discovered with my PrimeTime Anytime recordings list. I don’t normally like singing shows, but this was really interesting, and if it weren’t for PrimeTime Anytime I would still be missing it.


Of course I love Christina. From the contestants viewpoint though, the only vocalists on that show are Christina and Blake. Sure Ceelo and Adam could sing, but not traditionally.


I think Adam definetly won the night!!! He and Blake are the best coaches. Christina couldn't care less after the seasons over


I love Christina too!

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