America's Got Talent Finale Recap: The Best Ever?

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Months, awful performances and countless judges' critiques have passed. We're down to the final six.

Did your favorite receive a passing great on what may have been the best America's Got Talent finale to date? Read on. Find out. Chime in.

Nick Cannon and William Close

David Garibaldi & his CMYK's - David has the cutest son and wife and it's the biggest motivator. His routine had an almost mad scientist approach as he started painting. The main picture was more of a mystery as he added blues and beiges. The CMYKs had an easier task as they just created the letters C, M, Y and K. He spun the picture around and poof: Albert Einstein.
Grade: B+

Tom Cotter - If Last Comic Standing still existed, Tom Cotter would already be the winner. Unfortunately for him, that show hasn't been around in years. He decided to go with a dice that Nick rolled. He had "poor examples" and started off with being a bad parent. He emphasized how children get really odd imagery like Beauty & the Beast. The routine was funny and it fit having his children in the audience.
Grade: A-

The Untouchables - The Untouchables have finally overtaken the Miami All-Stars in talent and execution. They began with a solo and immediately got into a jive-inspired routine as they danced to "Proud Mary." Did anyone notice that there were some girls were sliding down poles? As long as it wasn't too stripper, it’s okay. The routine had a great scope and I appreciated the use of the fabric river. I would have hoped that Ruby had less solo time.
Grade: B+

Joe Castillo - Joe decided to do a tribute to AGT in his act, starting off with a sand Nick Cannon, and eventually went with the other judges. I hated the live band, but his rendition of Howard was spot on. The piece proved that he didn't need a passionate story to create wonderful art.
Grade: B

William Close (& the Earth Harp Collective) - Like David and Tom, William is a father that wants to do his family proud. He decided to get all his instruments out for his big finale. He chose "Cannon in D" as his baseline while adding in "America the Beautiful." I think the confetti and sparkles were a perfect touch to a beautifully produced routine. I loved how there were even performers in the audience.
Grade: A

Olate Dogs - The first animal act to make it to the finals, the Olate Dogs started by driving in a cute car. They also had a live band with them and the dogs were as enthusiastic as ever, wearing cute jackets. Even with the two-legged jumping dog, I thought that the routine was cute. It made me want to say "aww" the whole time. They even garnered the Sharon vote.
Grade: A

We say the final vote comes down to William Close and Olate Dogs. What about you? Which act deserves to win America's Got Talent?