The Voice Season 3 Premiere Recap: Still Lovin' You Blind

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The Voice returned for Season 3 last night, premiering in the fall for the first time (perhaps to stir up unfriendly competition and level The X Factor).

For whatever reason, Blake Shelton's folksy, borderline inappropriate wise cracks are back, along with Cee Lo Green's eccentricities and cockatoos.

Christina Aguilera's booty is off the charts (in a good way), and Adam Levine continues to impress in his role as a judge, mentor and showman.

Oh yeah, the blind auditions were pretty cool too.

Aguilera on The Voice

Team Christina Aguilera

The format is the same: With their backs turned to a singing hopeful, the judges turn around if they like what they see ... er, what they don't see.

If more than one turns around, then the candidate gets to choose his or her coach. Xtina got her first team member Monday night with De'Borah.

Her buzz cut and hot pink ensemble won't be a turn-off here folks, because they can't see! Not that her take on "Hey Soul Sister" wasn't well done.

Devyn Deloera also joined Xtina's roster, following a rousing rendition of "Ain't No Other Man" no less. Devyn is sure to be a favorite (among guys).

Team Adam Levine

The American Horror Story star began the night 0-for-3 before landing Bryan Keith, the only contestant of the night to turn four chairs around!

Bryan's take on Breaking Dawn's / Bruno Mars' "It Will Rain" showed strength, range and that certain intangible "it" quality ... X Factor if you will.

Adam later added Joe Kirkland to his ranks. He and Blake turned and tried to woo Kirkland, but Joe ultimately went with the Maroon 5 singer.

Think he made the right move there? There will obviously be plenty of second guessing with the unusual format, but that's what makes it fun.

Team Blake Shelton

Scottish rocker Terry McDermott's accent alone landed him a spot on Shelton's team - the winning team last season, it's worth noting (maybe).

His version of "Baba O'Reilly" by the who wasn't bad, but Blake just went with a hunch here. Good for him. Terry also had a really cute son.

Gracia Harrison and her yodeling won her the next spot on Team Shelton. It was a love-it-or-leave-it, go-for-broke effort, and Blake loved it.

Blake pleaded his case that Adam or Cee Lo would not be able to nurture her country flavor if she went with them, so she stuck with Shelton.

Team Cee Lo Green 

The round mound of sound beat out Blake for the rights to Daniel Rosa, who didn't make the cut a season ago. This time around, he's improved.

It only took us one episode to hear a cover of "Somebody That I Used To Know." We had our money on next week ... shows what we know.

Finally, Cee Lo enlisted Trevin Hunte over both Xtina and Blake. The epitome of a second chance contestant, his sad story made it even better.

The coaches and crowd were pretty much in awe of him singing "Listen." Did you think it was as good as they did? Regardless, he's got a shot.

Which was your favorite performance? Who do you think has a shot to win it all? Anyone from tonight? Which coach's style do you enjoy most?

The Voice blind auditions continue Tuesday AND Wednesday! Enjoy!


I'm so excited to see The Voice Brazil's debut this Sunday, I think it will so amazing as this one


I missed some episodes, where can I watch back??? Help me plssssss


I can't wait to see the next episode. Love the voice :D


Bryan Keith & Joe Kirkland all the way!!!! What an amazing first night!!!!!! Love the Voice :)


Last night's show was GREAT!! I was impressed by so many of them it's hard to pick a favorite. I didn't realize how much I had missed this seeing this show. Welcome back Football and The Voice !!


The guy at the end of the show is a SUPERSTAR and Celo knew it and he will win this season without a doubt.


I loved the whole show. It was really great. Welcome back. Love u guys.


This is the kind of thing I love about reality TV: the debate after. I missed last night’s episode because I was working at Dish. My Hopper DVR has the episode recorded and waiting for me when I get home tonight. It captures all the prime time shows from the four major networks without having to set a reminder. I watched a couple of clips from last night and I liked De’Borah’s performance the most so far. I can’t wait to watch last night’s episode and tonight’s episode all together.


I’m so excited to see The Voice back on TV. I like the set-up a lot more than American Idol. I missed the episode last night because my job at Dish. I’m going to be watching the new episodes on my Hopper DVR. It automatically recorded The Voice for me last night. It captures all the shows on the four major networks during prime time. I loved watching the clips in the article, and I can’t wait to see the whole episode tonight.

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