Myla Sinanaj to Kim Kardashian: Step Off!

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Very recently considered an ally of Kim Kardashian, someone who would help finalize her divorce from Kris Humphries, Myla Sinanaj now has one simple message for the large-breasted reality star:

Back the heck off!

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Kim Kardashian, Too Close Up

That's essentially what Myla Tweeted last night, calling out Kardashian for actions taken on her behalf in legal proceedings with Humphries.

A quick refresher: Kim wants to sign the divorce papers. Kris is dragging the split out in order to earn more money by somehow proving he was duped into a phony marriage. And Kim has subpoenaed Sinanaj under the belief that she can help provide information on Humphries that will damage his case.

But after initially sounding like she'd gladly screw over Humphries, Myla now claims to be BFFs with the baller and addressed Kardashian last night with:

Why don't u enjoy ur Miami trip and stop sending private investigators to my house-Stop dragging me into ur drama... I don't have to explain Or apologize for who I chose to be friends with.  Subpoena or not!

Of course, Sinanaj is legally required to spill certain beans under the subpoena, but insiders tell TMZ she may assert that attorney Joe Tacopina did not have the authority to agree to said subpoena.

We're not sure why anyone would care about any of this. But we'll keep you apprised of the latest ridiculous development when news breaks!


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Myla Sinanaj to Kim Kardashian: Step Off!
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He seemed like a docuhe? Why? Because he didn't bow to the K-Clan? Because he wasn't uptight and could joke around? You see how that family gets down, they all but molest eachother and think it's hilarious but Kris Humphries looked like the docuhe? gimme a break I think it's a good thing that Kris didn't end up a sheep like Scott and Bruce Lamar seems like he still has a hold of his own testicals


Sonya u are a fool.the last time I checked,ur name wsnt on d list of talented pple by the way,Was talent for every one?Oh,u just want to show that u too can comment.Nonsence.I dnt evEn know what is giving u d right to write nonsence.fool.Is Kim in your miserable live?fool!


yeah kim, step off haha... I watch kuwtk but shes so bitchy and annoying... hope her and kanye marry and he makes her a stay at home wife then we wouldn't great from her. good luck kris humphries


Why is i that Kim can make all this go away by agreeing th an annulments? Maybe the ape should agree to a divorce. Which is what was initially filed. Myla got caught in this.drama when she.said she is pregnant and then said she isn't. And then she signed those papers. This has really bcom a joke. The ape was a nobody bfor he met Kim and now he is in the puunlic eye for much more than a divorce
And the Mula, she is a mental clone of the ape, they see $$$$. People like Myla and hump need to go away.


Gosh so sick of Myla and Kris two ugly smugleys that belong together... They both have no idea how desperate they come off....just pathetic.


Got to go with Hilton Hater not bias to Kim. I think they both dragged their feet at some point. Kim would never agree to an annulment because that would make the prenup void. Never was going to happen.


I so agree with Rank. + Kim can make all this go away by accepting the annulment........but would mean that she will have to return all money made from the wedding to the sponsors and as a Kartrashian (all about money) she won't do that. SO stay tuned for the televised trial... I can't wait to find out about more of the lies that this family is capable of. Then hopefully there will be less of them on tv, in mags, on the internet etc. That is a wishfull thinking!!!!!!!!!mb


@sonya: You think THG is biased in FAVOR of Kim Kardashian? Have you ever read our coverage of Kim Kardashian?!?


This is all such a joke. No matter who is in the wrong, you can't deny they all love the attention and publicity this gives them all.

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