Myla Sinanaj on Kris Humphries: No Sex Here!

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Myla Sinanaj has gone from pregnant to virginal in just over a week. Sort of.

Days after reports stated the ex-girlfriend of Kris Humphries was pregnant with the NBA player's baby, Myla now says she was never pregnant - and never Humphries girlfriend!

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"We're just friends," Sinanaj said today on Kidd Kraddick In The Morning, responding to a question of whether she ever had sex with Humphries by citing his legally married status and adding:

"No, I don't do that type of thing."

It was just a few weeks ago, of course, where Myla was supposedly threatening to expose Humphries as a liar who talked incessantly about Kim Kardashian and was pondering a lawsuit against him for defaming a character.

What has changed since? Why the entirely different story? We don't want to say the only answer is money.

But the only real answer is money.

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Bitch looks like kim k or kim k looks like her whoevers older.


She is fly knock rocks.


Don't care, if you are pregnant then you are pregnant! It is just something her and humphries needs too acknowledge. If they are lying, WHO THE HELL CARES? Other than the Kardashians, not a lot of people. :/


hes paying her off 2 shut up telling her if u stop talking ill pay u alot of money when he gets dn tring 2 drain kim of money he has no respect 4 women all a money thing they deserve each other


He really must be promising her they will get back together and she loves him that much or he is paying her well or he started seeing her while at the Gansevoort, while still married to Kim and they have had this whole thing planned out all along. He probably knew she faked the pregnancy and betrayed wveryone including her lawyer
My guess is the latter.


Another dirty ho trying to get some publicity! Enough already of this pig already!


So WhAt WhO cArEs


She just want to be famous like alot of them these days. Hey, KK got famous via a sex tape so she just modeled her in a different way. In one word they are all sick and would do absolutely anything for fame and/or money. MB


Crazy shit.She was bs the whole time or the tabloids did what they do best make shit up.


Her.and humpy were trying to screw with kim sluts divorce case .Kim is back to looking like the tramp idiot dating fagboy west planning a marriage and kids when still married LOSER.

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