Kim Kardashian to Myla Sinanaj: See You in Divorce Court!

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Kim Kardashian has served Myla Sinanaj with a subpoena. There's a sentence we didn't see ourselves writing a few weeks ago.

The large-busted New York City hotel employee finds herself in the news because she dated Kris Humphries for a few months... then was accused of blackmailing the basketball player in exchange for her silence... then threatened to sue her ex for tarnishing her name... then apparently left at least one voicemail in which she did threaten to expose his lies.

You know, basic relationship Kris Humphries relationship stuff.

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Kim Kardashian in Europe

Now, with Humphries dragging out his divorce from Kardashian because he believes she defrauded him into marriage and that should cancel out their prenuptial agreement (i.e. make Kris a lot of bank!), Kim is requiring Sinanaj to actually testify in court.

Sources tell TMZ that Kardashian's lawyers are curious about texts, emails and conversations between Kris and Myla that might negatively affect Humphries' claims about how he was duped into a 72-day union.

Myla's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, says his client will comply with the subpoena.

This is all utterly ridiculous.


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Kim Kardashian to Myla Sinanaj: See You in Divorce Court!
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I can see tht kris doesnt want to lose her.


I think that Kris is a an annoying fool! I don't blame Kim for walking away from him. On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris is sooooooooooo annoying and immature. Who would want to live with someone like that?! Plus, he's the one drawing out the divorce because he claims that he was so heartbroken but he ended up dating some girl 2 months after Kim filed!!!! How is any of this Kim's fault??!!!


I just can't believe how everyone is trashing Kim when it is Kris who is trying to stall the divorce so he can become richer than Kim has already made him. Perhaps Mr. Humphries should just live and let live and go and make his own fortune.


Kims sooo annoying and fake, wtf is kris supposed to do sit and be miserable! She completelt used him and divoced him,and made a fool of himself by editing the whole obvious by the way! why the hell is he gna sit around!!!!!!? I would have done the same shit if i was him!


How in the world will they Use this girl who goes to All The Sports Guys Rooms when They Stay at the Tribeca Grand Hotel? How credible is She? She should concentrate on her Job There. Not Sleeping around.


Kim still the same old trash. She is just waiting for camera attention on court day. She can try and get her point across once again talking like an over 30 year old baby.


LOL!! how is it ridiculous? he claimed he was so heartbroken, yet he started a new relationship 2 months later? please that gold digging fool is going to end up paying for Kim's legal fees. He should have walked away. Big dummy!!

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