The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Good Trip, Bad Fall

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The Real Housewives of New York City finish off their trip to London and head back home. But "Good Trip, Bad Fall" finds the ladies in a bitter battle of royal proportions. Let's recap showdowns in our THG +/- review.

Um…what is Sonja doing?  Shouldn't someone tell her that one's face is not normally the part of one's anatomy that you usually stick in a bidet?  Plus 10 because you can always count on Sonja to do something so wacky that you can't help but laugh.

If only the rest of the Housewives had a sense of humor.

Boozy Brunch Pic

The rest of the London contingent is suffering through the Royal Wars as the Countess really gets under the Princess' skin.  Plus 8 because it does become quite funny. 

No matter what Carole says, Luann has done it and done it better. Is Luann's game of one upsmanship being done purposefully or can the Countess really not help herself. I think it's just her inherent need to believe she's better than the rest of the world.

But minus 11 because when Heather attempts to subtly call Luann out on her behavior it flies right over the Countess' head.  Luann does point out that she's had to cut many of her female friends out of her life because they became jealous, back stabbing, husband stealers. Wow. Someone still sounds a little angry.

Before Carole finally blows a gasket, the group heads back to NYC to celebrate Aviva and Reed's fifth wedding anniversary.

First, Carole and Aviva head to the salon for some good gossip about the trip.  Carole asks Aviva to respect the girl code and make sure that what's said in the salon stays in the salon.  Minus 7. Aviva might abide by the code but those cameras following them around make it a moot point.

It's Sonja's first go at being a private party planner and you'd think with all of her bragging about her fantastic parties that this would be a piece of cake. Did anyone even get any cake?  Minus 8 because I think the guests were running for the door and skipping dessert.

The Empire Room is so-so and Sonja's decorations are pretty boring but the worst of the worst is the entertainment. 

Minus 15.  What was Sonja thinking?  This is not what comes to mind when you think romantic, anniversary entertainment. The female singer is awful.  Add to it that she's dressed in black leather pants and a bustier and add in the way she's writhing all over her back up dancers and all she needs is a pole to dance on to make the ensemble complete.

Plus 8 because when Luann thinks the woman may be ready to give Aviva and Reed a lap dance I had to laugh.

Finally Reed and Aviva take the stage and Reed's speech is quite lovely…until his wife calls him out in front of the crowd for getting Carole's help writing it.  Minus 10.  Let the poor guy have his moment.  Especially considering how cheesy Aviva's own speech is.

Ramona Singer is Insane

And just when I hoped the entire night might be over, Ramona steps in. That woman can't get through a party without making herself the center of attention.  So she thinks Heather is a lying, back stabbing, phony. Fine but did she have to tell her so in the middle of Aviva's party?  Minus 8.

Then something truly funny happens.  Heather won't allow Ramona to have the last word and she chases her around the room.  Every time Ramona turns around she's cornered by Heather's smiling face wanting to clear the air.  Plus 11.

Ms. Singer's eyes bug out every time as she shrieks and runs.  What more could you want from a Housewives party?

Episode total =  -22                            Season total = -110

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