Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift: Totally Dating!

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Conor Kennedy may need to be on the lookout for future songs penned in his dishonor... because the 18-year old son of Robert Kennedy Jr. and Mary Kennedy is totally dating Taylor Swift!

Consider the evidence:

Taylor Swift with a Surfboard

On July 25, Swift and Kennedy were spotted chowing down pizza in Mount Kisco, New York, walking out of the establishment"hand in hand," according to a People Magazine source.

A few days later, they dined with friends in Cape Cod, with Taylor reportedly cozying up to Conor and "smiling a lot," onlookers say.

Ironically, Swift had previously been linked to Patrick Schwarzenegger, a distant relative of Conor's, after photos captured her hanging out with Arnold's son during July 4 weekend. But she was actually spending time over that holiday with Kennedy.

On December 3, meanwhile, the connections will continue: Swift will be honored by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights due to her commitment to social change, notably her work against bullying and LGBT discrimination.



Total flamer what part of hey blondie your eve is u not understanding poopy dick causes aids........duh.......wonder why so many kennedys are dead?????? Another just made the hit list.........frankenchrist.........all you gotta do is say yes or god may curse you with the wrong genitals like bieber or laughtner......connor john mayer.....people are supposed to learn from mistakes......douche


leave taylor alone, she's following her dreams and experiencing love along the way. she writes songs about her life and people relate to them. she hasn't even dated all of those guys and you're all acting like she's dated them all in the last 6 months. she falls in love and it doesn't work out. you're all just jealous she is having a chance with these guys and youse will end up alone with 10 cats. she is perfect the way she is and shouldn't change. if you all are believing this bullshit 'hollywood' gossip, then you really must have not much of a life if you're sitting behind a computer screen bullying a girl about the amount of boys she's been with. you are pathetic. leave her alone, she's only living life for what she has now.


Ya she have a lot of boyfriends but this is her own life. and i totally dont see whats bad if this boy is 18 its not like taylor was 62 years old -.-


She dates everybody! Every time i see her name, its linked to a guy shes dating and its never the same one!


Who cares about the age?whats the problem if she dated an 18 years old?as long as they love each,i d0nt see any prob with that.l just hope this time,this will last and taylor may find happiness to connor.


It wont last.


She's 22 and he's can she date such a small boy. She must be ready 2be cheated on and ready for childish behaviors. Who dates a 18 year old????????? Who does that. Lyk seriously


Totally? Really? Like... Totally???

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