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Allison Schmitt of the United States continued the women’s swim team dominance, setting an Olympic record Tuesday in the 200-meter freestyle event.

Schmitt handily took home the gold medal in the process, joining Dana Vollmer and Missy Franklin to form a trifecta of American winners of individual gold.

The training partner of Michael Phelps finished the race in 1:53.61, more than a second better than the mark set by Italy’s Federica Pellegrini in 2008.

Members of Schmitt’s family, who are in London, watched as she secured her first gold medal. And after watching her win, her uncle George Schmitt said he noticed one thing immediately as Allison exited the pool.

“She had a great big smile – typical Allison,” he said.

Known for her bubbly, funny nature, Schmitt shared a joke with Phelps before the final on Tuesday and she was still laughing afterwards.

“I just tried to keep focused and keep calm,” she told reporters, when asked about her strategy. “Mike and I were joking before the race but he said as soon as you get on the blocks it’s time to start focusing.”

Allison now has a gold, silver and bronze in London. way to go!