Patrick Schwarzenegger and Taylor Swift: New Couple Alert?!?

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Taylor Swift better be hoping the fidelity apple falls very far from the tree...

According to TMZ sources, the superstar singer spent her Fourth of July getting cozy with Patrick Schwarzenegger, the 18-year old son of a certain ex-governor and housekeeper shagger.

Taylor Swift on the Red Carpet
Patrick Schwarzenegger Photograph

Smith and Schwarzenegger reportedly hung out with members of the Kennedy family in Massachusetts, at one point taking a walk on the beach… ALONE!

It's unclear what transpired on the stroll, and the status of Taylor and Patrick is up in the air, but the former has certainly never shied away from dating others in the spotlight. Just ask Joe Jonas... or John Mayer... or Jake Gyllenhaal.

The only question remaining in this case: When it comes to Schwarzenegger's rumored embrace, will Swift be back?


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ques un chico lindo love yuo patrick


Why was Taylor Swift even there? Dress is too short and wrong color for her? Poor Jake, he must feel like she is stalking him as he left as soon as she coeerrnd him by the bathroom


@ Monique You admit to having a crusty butt, that's nasty!


@jen///suck the crust from my ass>>>please


Do you think Patrick would be willing to 'share'??


can taylor pls tell whom she really loves


Taylor is a hooch.She has decided to be a groupie and sleep around with same hollywood men.Stay single your young.Whore bath.


"Smith"??? think you mean Swift. :P

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