Tanning Mom on Snooki: An A$$hole With Fake T!ts

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Looks like Patricia Krentcil and Snooki are in a war of words. It was inevitable.

Krentcil, a.k.a. "Tanning Mom," is firing back at the Jersey Shore star after Snooks went on Extra this week and weighed in on Patricia's recent arrest.

Police arrested the New Jersey Tanning Mom for taking her five-year-old daughter tanning. Asked for comment, Snook noted, "that b!tch is crazy."

Word. When Krentcil got wind of this, she labeled Snooki "the biggest a$$hole in the world" for criticizing her life decisions ... and didn't stop there.

Snooki Mug Shot
Tanning Mom Pic

Police have their hands full with all the Oompa Loompas in N.J. lately.

Tanning Mom apparently doesn't like Jersey Shore, because she says, "When this is all said and done, I'd like to meet up with 'Snoopy'."

Yup, Snoopy. Charlie Brown is rolling in his grave right now.

"She's fake, she's fat, her t*ts are fake, she's disgusting," Krentcil, who pleaded not guilty to child endangerment, said of the pregnant reality star.

It's a tough feud to pick the winner in, but even Snooki would probably know better than to let her kid into a tanning booth. Just saying.


Im on the fence with this one, its a terrible thought that a mother would allow their baby girl to go in a tanning bed witch is awful for all ages! But I do have to say that she has to be proven gulty before they take her daughter and ruin a family, I think that the courts and the law needs to worry more about the kids coming to scho crying to teachers that their fathers/mothers are beating them before its to late. Like that poor boy in buffalo ny when everyone turned their heads and the next day the child was found dead....makes me sick


Why don't you people let the judge decide after he reviews "evidence" before everyone decides to crucify this lady and take her children away from her. The media is what is wrong with this country. They put shit out there without facts just "speculation" and away we go. Come on now people ge a grip. Yes placing a child in a tanning booth is dangerous and wrong but, Is that what happened here? I havent heard enough to make that decision.


Maybe you guys should research topics before you fire off about them. . . "Tanning Mom's" little girl was at school, telling her friends that she went to a tanning salon with her mom and the teacher overheard. Since the little girl had a sunburn from playing outside, the teacher ASSUMED that her mother took her inside the booth with her and called the police. Everyone from the mother herself, to her husband, to the people at the salon have said that at no time was the girl EVER allowed back in the booth with her mother.


There's nothing wrong with that, that five year old isn't the only one getting tanned, haven't you guys heard of 'Toddlers && Tiaras'or "Little Miss Perfect'.?!


They need to take TANNING mom kids away FEEL SORRY 4 HER


I'm with you, Blaize! Not a "SNOOPY" Fan, but I agree with her on this. That woman is a winner. Hope DCF crawls up here ass with this one. Dumb,ignorant no class biatch...


Snooki is ok...not much of a fan. She just has to get her shit together w/ her drinking. She'd drink from what? Soon as she woke up, thru until she'd go to bed? At least that's what it seems like on the 'shore'. If she can quit that, then i'd think she would be a competent mother. As for that 'tanning' mom who looks like beef jerky? WOW...just...ugh


Fake baker vs. Spray on Tan..... Only in our country! Any parent with a shred of common sense would know that tanning salons AREN`T for kids. Some reports say she was just in the room, reguardless hire a sitter while you tan, ask a neighbor to watch them if you cant afford one! JIMMINY CHRISTMAS!


You know what? I'm not even personally a fan of Snooki, but I like that she tells it like it is and I'm on her side in this issue. The other woman's rebuttal was pathetic. Lady, I don't care that Snooki is a little chubby, that she has breast implants, or even that she likes her skin tan. She's an adult and it's her own body. However, I do care that a mother would make her own child- not even a teenager, but a CHILD- get a tan and even be ok with her getting burns on her skin. This lady is worse than the plastic surgery mom who gave her 10-year-old daughter a voucher to get breast implants for when she turns 16. If you have your own insecurities and feel the need to tan YOURSELF to the point where you barely look human, that's your choice. But don't force those insecurities on your child and risk her health for your own vanity. Or should I say insanity.


im team snooki i hope that lady goes to jail

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