Patricia Krentcil, New Jersey Woman, Arrested For Taking Five-Year-Old Daughter Tanning

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Just when you thought the bar could never be lowered for idiocy, Patricia Krentcil allegedly went and put her 5-year-old daughter in a tanning booth.

The 44-year-old from New Jersey (there's a shocker) told NBC's local New York affiliate that she took her daughter with her to a local tanning salon.

Krentcil, who puts Snooki to shame with her "tan" complexion, maintains that her kid was actually not exposed to any of the booth's synthetic UV rays.

"I tan, she doesn't tan," Krentcil said, insisting that this whole story is merely a big misunderstanding. "I'm in the booth, she's in the room. That's all there is to it."

Krentcil, of Nutley, N.J., was arrested and charged with felony child endangerment last week. She was released on $25,000 bond and is due back in court today.

"It's nothing different than taking your daughter to go food shopping," Krentcil said, incredulously. "There's tons of moms that bring their children in."

Police, though, say Krentcil put her daughter in an upright tanning booth.

New Jersey state law prohibits children under the age of 14 from tanning booths, while children between the ages of 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Police were alerted by school officials, who said that at school, the girl had what looked like a sunburn, but told friends she "went tanning with Mommy."

Rich Krentcil, the girl's father, said it was in fact a sunburn.

"This whole big thing happened, and everyone got involved," he said. "It was 85 degrees outside, she got sunburned. That's it. That's all that happened."

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