Vivid Offers $1M For Courtney Robertson Sex Tape

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It's not known if there is a sex tape featuring Courtney Robertson from The Bachelor. But if there is, Vivid Entertainment would like to buy it. For $1 million.

Heck, they'd also pay her that to make one from scratch.

"There is no doubt that Courtney is the hottest girl ever on [the show]," Steve Hirsch, CEO / founder of Vivid and apparently not a longtime fan of the show, says.

"We would definitely like to buy an existing tape, or if she prefers, produce one with her ... this tape could definitely be worth as much as $1 million," he adds.

Seriously?! Maybe if it were auto-tuned like this viral hit:

Vivid is famous for releasing such material, including one starring Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and of course the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape.

For now, Courtney Robertson, a 28-year-old brunette who's like, a model, is still in the running for Ben Flajnik's heart on the hit ABC (sur)reality series.

Ben will meet her parents on tonight's hometown date episode. He will also say the word "hometown" and "Courtney and I's" relationship about 84 times.

Will Courtney last beyond this evening's installment? The Bachelor spoilers we've pulled together shed some light on that subject, so read if you dare!

Miley fakes

wish she will agree - will be funny)


I actually quit watching 2 weeks ago after seeing that this fugly bimbo user loser is his final choice. It kills me to see these stupid "fame" whores get the guy when the good "real" girls get sent packing. I'm sorry best looking??? Has this guy not noticed she is missing a lip?????


Courtney may be a model, but she is definitely not the hottest chick to ever be on The Bachelor...not even in the top 5.


Hottest girl ever on the show? Is he high? So many more beautiful girls than her. She's just good for TV but looks wise I see prettier girls at the grocery store.

Kellie m

If Courtney took them up on the offer they would lose money because no one wants to see the bitch nekkid much less having skank sex.

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