The Bachelor Spoilers 2012: Scandals, Final Four, Winner Revealed!

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It's that time of year again. Ben Flajnik is gearing up to dole out the roses beginning January 2, and like clockwork, The Bachelor spoilers are already swirling.

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    Honestly, I don't think Courtney is that awful. Well....maybe she is, but take a look at the moments beewetn her and Ben and you can totally see why he's keeping her there. She lets her guard down with him and is able to be quirky, fearless and fun. She picks up tarantulas, names them, and make him laugh by throwing him off-guard with silly comments. He's having fun with her, and she's really creating those moments of fun. He does need to further investigate her though - a girl with NO girlfriends probably has insecurity issues, she clearly needs a lot of attention and doesn't handle herself well when her position is tested. This could end up being a classic case of a borderline geeky/shy dude latching on to the first pretty girl who gives him (too much) attention. If it all goes in the pooper he'll have more confidence with how to handle women, but with a clearer head on his shoulders.


    lol lol I luv it... I think they are the cutest couple together. They speak from their hearts and they are like many couples. They have their doubts and insecurities but theirs are just broadcast live. I think a lot of the real freaks are the people writing in with all of the hate. My goodness...haters haters haterization (should be a real word). I wish them all of the best now that they are off of the show and I think they will make it. They have just about a good a chance as all of the haters and their partners so I wish them well. lol lol especially laughing at all of the haters who say they will not be watching again......they'll be right in front of the set waiting to hate on the next couple lol lol. Go Ben!!! Go Courtney!!! Above all of this, I wish you LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ben deserves Courtney. He is So dumb and pathetic for picking her that he doesn't deserve a good girl like any of the others. Bachelor has become so pathetic!


    One day before my kwleey appointment, my shrink steps out with his previous client, and said “Antonio, I would like you to meet Annie (Annie is a pseudo name I use because for some odd reason Ib4m not comfortable given my real name online)” I awkwardly said Hi and spoke in English since we are both from the States (heb4s from Arizona and I from Fl) my shrink thought it would be a nice idea for us to meet and practice our English. We didnb4t exchange numbers at that particular time since we are both seeing the same shrink, but during my next session my shrink asked me permission to give him my number. I should have said NO, but I agreed. Anyway, we met, went out, and it turns out that he doesnb4t like me. I donb4t know what I did wrong, but this experience wasnb4t exactly a boost to my self-esteem. This is a great article and reminds me that “no one is a golden coin to be wanted by everyone.”


    Wow did no on see it but me? I'm sorry I think Ben is a freak, Courtney the defect looks just like Ben's sister. That tells me a whole lot about this freak=o


    Ben clearly saw Courtney behaving rudely to many a girl eliminated at many rose ceremonies and Ben did nothing to correct her or ask her to stop it. Ben was wrong to enable Courtney to continue that way. It is Ben's fault for ignoring the red flags about Courtney's personality and Courtney's fault for being such a bully to everyone. I am sad that these two did not have more Godly and redeeming qualities.


    I love it - everyone hates Courtney because she went for her man and knew what she wanted, while the other girls in the hen house sat by and got pissed at her - making her feel uncomfortable and put her in a difficult and defensive position.

    Good for her, good for Ben - bad for the chickens - sorry America, you just don't get it


    Lindzi, you are the winner!!


    Never ever will I watch this program again. I believe the actors are paid and who in there right mind would pick her!!!! ABC has lost my vote and if they think there rating is going up....they better guess again. I think he has drank to much

    @ Jeff Swanson

    What an absolute IDIOT!!! He should never have been chosen to be a bachelor on this program! He should consider marrying his sister - after this show, surely no girl with any brain will be interested!! After the best kisser left, I didn't watch the show any further, and I don't think I ever will watch it again!!


    I watched this finale tonight as I was visiting my mom & she had girlfriends over...I have of course heard of the show, but had never seen it...after they convinced me it wasn't a really..really long Saturday Night Live skit....I frigging HOWLED!

    Sappy, drippy, dorky guy meets insipid Narcissistic sociopath girl..
    they espouse Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn type commentary (not really)
    "I Like, will probably like... Love you? for like ever?"

    The saddest is the lonely people who took it all seriously.

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