Jersey Shore Recap: A Leopard Never Sheds its Stripes

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This week on the Jersey Shore, the "family" continued to experience all kinds of ups and downs. Vinny fell for a lesbian, Pauly acquired a new stalker, JWoww fought with Roger, Snooki acted ridiculously and no one could figure Mike out.

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    good grief the situation srsly makes me sick, from the beginning of the drama, i dont care if snooki went down on him or not, thats their business and if he really was "in love" with her as he claims or to care about her AT ALL he would never be doing this to her since day one. he is a complete douche bag. snooki has every right to be upset with. he's an asshole. he's not a real friend and he only cares about himself.
    and its like another season later and snooki is actually being his friend again and he is still on his bullshit trying to get his Fagot friend Unit to come shit all over snooki.. what a fucking loser, he knows he's not bringing any story line to the show so he's trying to pull at any straws he has left, what a LOSERRRR.
    he so washed up, no one likes him and Angelina was right, he looks like pop eye on crack.



    I can see why she was mad. When he said he was going to be late I got mad for her! lol Guys just dont understand sometimes. He wants complete trust and I think thats hard for any female to do. Yea he talks a good game but at the end of the day it boils down to this: he doesnt want to answer to her or explain himself and he wants her complete trust in him. I dnt know how long thats going to work. The whole lost my phn for two days is kinda lame.


    I don't think jwow did anything wrong. When you're in or near your thirties relationships are a big deal. He shouldn't have went out with his buddies until he at least told her that he needed some guy time. They all have cells. She was upset cause she felt like he was putting them first. Obviously they work things out and looks like big ole Rog is gonna beat up on someone


    First of all i never submitted this comment: ya, they all look old and haggard, especially J-Woww....this is what happens when you drink, drink, party, party, for a living......she looks sooo much older than what she is.....won't watch this crap anylonger.....ugh....


    This Jenny chic looks like she's 40 years old....ugh.....that's what happens when all you do for a living is party, party, drink, drink, party, drink.....did i mention party, drink????? these 2 deserve each other...this Roger dude is nothing to look at, just like her....she has been acting really desperate lately, as she should....i think all of them are totally gross....the 2 hoe bags meatballs are disgusting......i can't watch any longer, this show is getting me really ill....ugh...................


    I really hope Jwwow and Roger work things out! I think they are a cute couple. I love watching Jersey Shore no matter what I am doing. I could be standing in line, at school, working at DISH and still be able to stream movies and show. All thanks to TV everywhere I can stream all my channels I get at home, on-the-go. So this makes my life that much easier. I can't wait to watch next week's episode.




    Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 6 The Follow Game full episode here


    i love jenni but shes gotta give the guy a break at times, does anyone know what he even did that was so bad? at least she called to apologize, hopefully they work it out

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