Report: Jada Pinkett Smith Hires Divorce Attorney

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Stop us if you've heard this before: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are on the verge of a divorce.

While this rumor has been out there for months, and while the famous couple has issued a statement saying it is "still together, and our marriage is intact," talk of a break-up persists - and In Touch Weekly claims to have found more proof that one is imminent.

Will and Jada Together

The tabloid reports this week that Jada recently met with celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who has represented stars such as Britney Spears, Maria Shriver, and Kim Kardashian. She's also currently working with Vanessa Bryant.

The magazine also quotes an insider who says the Smiths have "finally begun to take steps to dissolve their marriage."

Not exactly hardcore evidence, we know. But the longer the chatter goes on, and the less Will and Jada say, the more we start to wonder if Willow and Jaden will be splitting time between two households in the near future.


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Jada broke up Will's 1st marriage & home ( which involved a child)by going after him, now she and Marc have broken up J-lo's home and family.Jada is a real ghetto-girl and she will always be only able to play ghetto parts......because thats all she is, ghetto material someone who doesn't mind breakig up marriages. including her own )
Good luck Will and deserve better ! after Jada there is no place to go but up ! Jada is not an example of a way to have a happy marriage. She stabbed her pal J-Lo in the bak and didn't mind that RVERYONE knew what was going on with marc and 'hawthorne'.....everbody can't be trusted to behave when they think they have 'arrived'and are too class-less and taky to know what love, family an marriagenaresupposed to be about ! I hope Will and the kids move on to happy lofe, I think Jada's caree is over....Will was carrying her, she can't act, unlessit a ghetto role.


Diane and Down you're such bitches, how can you say Will is too good for Jada? what about you?i bet you cant keep even a truck driver for long let alone a celebrity. Will loved Jada for reasons you can never know but never ever say someone is too good for someone else.You don't know why he loved her (and not you slut) in the first place. mind your own life looser.


I always seen her as "TOO BOSSY"! The only movie I ever liked her in was "SET IT OFF". She always got those "CHEAP ROLES", ETC. As for HAWTHORNE, R.N., the 1st. episode I seen was a total turn-off!
Trying to "Fuck everything in sight." Now when Marc Anthony came on the scene, "Their marriage" started to really "take a turn" GO FIGURE!! P.S. THESE STARS NEVER THINK OF THE IMPACT ON THEIR CHILDREN!!


It's "CHEAPER TO KEEP HER "!! I'm kinda SAD, but I look @ it this way : "THAT GORGEOUS HUNK IS UP FOR GRABS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Will smith cum on to va. i got u lol


smith and jada are one couple i love so much gettn a divorce now is making me mad.if they can hear me i believe they can solve their problems without anybody coming into it.


Some of you say you love Will, Willow, and Jaden, and then you say you hate Jada and want her to leave? If you "LOVED" Will and the kids, you wouldn't be happy to hear of a possible breakdown within their family. That's just heartless and stupid. Way to be supportive, you jerks.


get over it, will smith is too good for her


I'll never understand why celebrities don't sue trash magazines for everything they have, shutting them down in the process, IF there is evidence they're printing lies that is.


I cannot stand her.
Will and the kids have talent and personality..she has none..
Wonder how she took Mark .anthony's recent post?.
Love Will and the kids..
Go away Jada..far, far away

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