Jada Pinkett Smith Rep on Marc Anthony Affair Rumor: FALSE!

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Are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith on a break? This is the hottest topic in Hollywood today and, although Will's son has already shot it down, Jada's publicist hasn't exactly quieted the chatter.

In response to the rumor that her client cheated on her husband with Marc Anthony, the actress' rep has released the following statement: "Everything about the Marc Anthony story is completely false, but we are not commenting on whether they are separating or not."

Far from an outright denial, isn't it?

Jada Pinkett Smith Pic
Marc on Stage

The Pinkett/Anthony rumor does make some sense, at least. They star together on TNT's Hawthorne and Anthony, of course, is going through his own divorce from Jennifer Lopez.

But why would the rep release such a vague statement? It's admirable for Jada and Will to crave privacy, but come on. He's arguably the biggest movie star on the planet. She's in the news for a rumored affair. If you're gonna comment on one story, why not put both supposed falsehoods to rest?

Stay tuned, readers!

UPDATE: Will and Jada have taken our advice and gone on record with the following: "Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false. We are still together, and our marriage is intact."

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WOW! Has a clue obviously doesn't have a clue. Or maybe ur a really close associate (bcuz a friend wouldn't say s--t like that about a real friend) of Jada's and feel that what u say is hurtfull or even relavent if she bothered to read such loser comments. But more than likely u don't even know her and r definately not part of her BFF's
So, are ALL married females in the entertainment industry who may or may no have been accused of an infedelity or cheating really so disturbing to u or is it really something much more ominous? WHORE is such a foul word and is usually used by a non friend, an enemy or some "SUPER CHRISTIAN" or some real jealous loser type. Which one are u? Get a real life. Nothing wrong with ur opinion either but geez, do u think others really care about ur sex life as much as u care about Jada's? BTW, what about the men? What do call them when they cheat on and switch women regularly??? Guys being guys! PEACE...


everyone try to start some S*7$ with everything stop talking Sh*)^ leave the girl along!!!!!!!...............


Everyone has a life 2 live,if they are cheating it's their business.Who cares?


Well,Hell!! if u is havinf affair thats you're business if your head up..


Jada back on that heroine.


Jada, I pray that you aren't suffering from a nervous break down or something mentally isn't going on, but for heaven sake, you would
be off your rockets, to ruin a union like this, for a smurfette like
that. Girlfriend, wake up and smell the coffee, Marc would be like waking up with your son in the bed, he is just toooooooo little, to be called a "man"....come on girl, get real !!!!!!!!!


It is no ones business what goes on be hind closed doors it is no ones business will and jada make a beautiful couple you all need to stop this madness Jesus dont like ugly and you reporters camrea men who are nosey leave them alone The rumors are FALSE dont believe the hype I hope to join team smith one day


As if anyone would be stupid enough to cheat on Will...he's freakin' HOT!!!!! And with Marc...come on...don't make me puke!!!!


Right..........Just another cheating Hollywood Whore, only difference is she isn't walking Sunset & Vine......


I do hope it is not true about jada nd will. this is just what the tablods are waiting. Keep the well adjusted one she have. Please Don't leave for that loser.