Casey Anthony Twitter Pics: Leaked, Grainy!

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A new series of Casey Anthony pics has surfaced on Twitter.

The quality is not good. Of the subject or the photographs.

The same person who posted the Casey Anthony video diary previously is now apparently releasing some stills, featuring the dog Casey said she adopted.

That poor pooch had better make a break for it!

Casey Anthony, Dog

You'll notice that in the latest Casey Anthony pictures, the 25-year-old outcast still has the same short blonde hair and glasses she was sporting in the videos.

It's still unclear who's releasing the photos. Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, told Geraldo Rivera he would go after him/her ... but he no longer represents her.

Reports say Anthony is angry that the private photos and videos were hacked and leaked online. In any case, here are three other images leaked online:

Casey Anthony, Blonde Hair
Casey Puckers Up
Casey Anthony Twitpic

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I was hoping that the next time this monster surfaced, it would be her body floating in a swamp with duct tape on her mouth!!!


Sadly she wasn't convicted kids - so she has a right to adopt...just like us.


This dog looks like the ones she had before when she was living with her parents and most of them died because she was around and she almost killed another one but mom was home but to think the parents didn't understand that she was killing them. I think she was a natural born killer from very small so it doesn't surprise me she killed Caylee because she got in her way. If you remember before the death of Caylee there were two dogs that lived in her house and one of them the smaller was always so tired and her mother thought the dog was eating a plant in their backyard and that was the reason. I think the reason was Casey was trying out what she did to her daughter. If you recall the mother and father said there were several dogs buried in the back yard and to me that sounds very unusal. When you think about how many dogs or animals have died in your young life to me all of my animals in my young life all of them lived a very long life.


Lars, please get help, for your own sake as well as the sake of those around you. To me, what you've written makes you seem mental, so please see a doctor before it's too late and you hurt somebody.


THis bitch killer is doomed. She will never get a job. The only place she will be able to work is in the RED LIGHT DISTRICT as a whore at 10 bucks a nip


Hey Lars, you are so right. She is a pig. What goes around comes around eventually. But don't blame her too much rather blame the stupid juridical system. Americans see it as the best in the world just because they invented it. It is the worst in the world because they invented it. You see this everyday in decisions being made by stupid judges and juries. Where is fairness for the victims gone?


What idiot would let a baby killer adopt a pet, stupid asses, they need to lock that nut case up and throw away the key


STOP GIVING PUBLICITY TO THIS CHILD KILLER. That is what she wants...public attention. She should be ostracized by society forever and be forced to live in silence and anonymity and be totally ignored by the world. That is the best chance for giving her a life in "virtual prison," since the justice system failed and set her free.


@Lars Svensen
What the hell is wrong with you? This woman is a murderess! And not just a murderess, but a CHILD-murderess! Wouldn't you agree that that's absolutely wrong?
That said, poor Caylee, her mother is a monster and her death was extremely unjust and much too young. Casey is desperate for the spotlight, and wants to cause as much scandal around herself as she can. If I were her, I'd lay low and serve some years in prison for my crimes. I'd confess instead of becoming a media whore.
Caylee, you were far too young, you were an innocent, sweet little girl who probably loved her mother just as most little girls do. And look what she did to you. She got away with killing you. I've read articles about how she claims she got pregnant with you, at a party, and she probably wanted to murder you because you brought her pain as an eighteen year old. That isn't right, Caylee. I promise you, someday you'll be avenged.

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