Kourtney & Kim Take New York Rekap: Kim Admits "Rushing" Into "Fairy Tale" Marriage

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Sunday on Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Kim Kardashian admitted she is not happy in her marriage to Kris Humphries, which happened a matter of weeks ago.

Who could have ever seen that revelation koming?

Meanwhile, Khloe and Kim resolved a fight that we barely even remember and Scott Disick looked like the most mature person on the show, which says a lot.

Find out in our weekly rekap, THG style!

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Kim is back from Dubai and feeling confused about marriage. Plus 18 for feeling an actual human emotion, even though it's her own fault for being in this mess.

Moreover, "I just feel like I have so much going on that I have enough to deal with without having to revisit all of this Khloé drama." Minus 35 because we cannot even remember, much less care about her Khloe drama from weeks ago.

The producers even have Jonathan Cheban prompt Kim to talk about problems with Kris and Khloe. Plus 7 for the return of this mostly-fake friendship.

Kim lays it on the line: "We're fighting over nothing. If I said something that's offensive, I'm sorry. Accept the apology or don't." Take that bitch! Plus 9.

Scott tells Kim she's "a diva." LOL. Ya think? Plus 11.

Disick then, more calmly, tells her to chill and stop "taking out aggression on everyone else." "I'm totally good, that's what you guys don't get," Kim says, adding her attitude toward everything has changed. Poor Kim has it so rough! Minus 6.

Kris and Kim argue over his messiness and her "neat freak" tendencies. While Kim is trying to organize his closet, Kris asks, "Does it make it hard for you to love me?" Kim doesn't answer. These two are incompatible idiots. Minus 40.

Kourt describes it as a "power struggle." Sans mental power of any kind. Plus 10.

Kim complains about Kris to her sisters, but after a heated conversation with said sisters, Kim turns to Kris for support. Hilariously, Kris says he "hates" Khloe and could care less. Minus 30 for saying that to your wife, but Plus 100 because we feel ya Kris.

Deciding to mend fences at last, Kim tells her sis that she rushed into marriage and is embarrassed that she fell for the "fairy tale." Read: Dollar signs. Minus 50.

Khloé responds that it's normal to fight and forgives her. When Khloé asks if moving L.A. will change anything, Kim says no. Way to give it your best! Minus 35.

Poor Scott. Banished from bed, he says, "I'm not a good sleeper, never have been. All I want is to be back in bed with them." Plus 17 for working up the nerve!

Scott on Khloe being in his bed: "I won't tell Lamar [Odom] if you won't." Plus 10.

Khloe decides to play therapist, which she's SO good at. Kris walks in on Scott and Khloe talking in his room. Things get even more awkward than before. Plus 24.

Plus 14 for Scott admitting he's jealous of Mason, who sleeps in bed with Kourt, and for saying she's "obsessed with her son." It's hard to admit such feelings.

After meeting with a real therapist (sorry Khloe), Kourtney and Scott decide to try to move Mason out of the bed. The little guy passes with flying colors. Plus 8.

"It's a big step. Hopefully we can do it more often," Kourtney says. Minus 50, because the kid is like two now, and she's pregnant again. Time for some space.


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