Jose Baez: Fired By Casey Anthony?

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Casey Anthony and Jose Baez will be forever linked by her infamous 2011 murder trial, during which he somehow won an acquittal for the accused child killer.

They will soon be parting ways, however.

The New York Post says Anthony is angry over the fallout of her case, and thinks Baez has not done enough to secure a lucrative interviews on her behalf.

There has also been friction over his handling of the Casey Anthony video diary situation, according to reports, in the past week, which may be the last straw.

Casey Anthony and Jose Baez

“Casey doesn’t want to be reading that Jose’s working on all of these deals on her behalf,” a source said. “She thinks he’s using her name as a meal ticket.”

The paper says her original, though lesser-known attorney, Cheney Mason, will soon take over all Anthony's legal representation and deal with the media.

Baez, a relative novice before he met Casey Anthony, became an international star after he successfully represented her in her criminal case last year.

The verdict sparked outrage, and Anthony went into hiding, but that didn’t stop Baez from making the media rounds (in which he'd defend Casey and himself).

Last week, he appeared in an interview with Geraldo Rivera talking about how he would sue the hacker who leaked a private video diary made by Anthony.

“She doesn’t trust him anymore," said a source close to Anthony. TMZ reports that Baez was not fired, but has already agreed to cut ties with Anthony.


Did anyone ever think he is releasing himself as her attorney for a conflict of interest e.g. maybe they have developed a relationship together? Although the youtube resembles her I'm not convinced it's her and believe it's a ploy to confuse anyone of her whereabouts. It's just all too sloppy to b true.


Sadie she was found not guilty but that doesn't mean not she is innocent! She murdered Caylee and she know's it. Jose is pissed that she released the video's and quit cuz his money cow has dried up. He can't make a cent off her cuz no one is interested is hearing more lies out of this murdering dumb bitches mouth!!! rot Casey rot! no one hacked her computer she realeased the video's and it pissed Baez off so he quit.Baez is as skanky as Casey is!:


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"The paper says her original, though lesser-known attorney, Cheney Mason" Mumbles finger flipper was NOT her original attorney... Why do they keep saying that?
her "original" attorney was a court appointed female, then she hired HO-Say with her imaginary bank account savings... he had to bring foghorn in (after the other revolving door attorneys) because he was NOT death penalty qualified...
do they ever proofread or make certain of what they're reporting?


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