Casey Anthony Claims Video Diary Hacked - And She is PISSED!

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Casey Anthony claims the video diaries that leaked online last week were stolen from her computer by a malicious hacker of unknown origin, reports say.

That's according to a probation officer at the Florida Department of Corrections, which is overseeing Casey's case. For check fraud. Not the murder thing.

The embattled 25-year-old made this claim during her recent meeting with her P.O., insisting someone illegally downloaded the clips off of her computer.

She then, unintentionally, returned to the public eye in this video:

A second diary surfaced a few days later, also cloaked in mystery.

Aside from the fact that it's Casey Anthony, the diaries themselves are mundane. As part of her therapy, presumably, she discusses her daily life nowadays, adopting a dog, having her nose pierced, getting a new phone and whatnot.

Nothing remotely embarrassing or even that interesting, frankly, but according to court documents, Casey's royally pissed the videos were stolen and her attorneys are openly promising they will come after the hacker if/when s/he is revealed.

We'd lay low if we were that person. Jose Baez doesn't lose.

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why can people and the media just leave casey anthont alone she is just trying to start her life over a again my prayers r w/ u casey u r not the hated person in the world the devil is


This dumb shit wants people to believe her pc was hacked. what a frigging joke you are Casey. more lies out of the mouth of a habitual liar. and she thinks she should be making big money for getting away with murdering her baby?? Jose quit her because she released these video's and he told her not to. Jose's money cow dried up when he found he couldn't give away and interview with her. Karma's a bitch Jose!


I hope the hacker is a hit man!


Casey Anthony is an attention whore.


Not Guilty DOES NOT mean INNOCENT!!!! The jury themselves said they don't believe she is innocent. BURN IN HELL CASEY!!


people can hack into other people computer's without knowing where it is. they just need the isp. i still believe that casey had something to do with her death. innocent people in my opinion don't keep lying. they would want the truth to come out.


just by her behavior and the gaul of her arrogance , i really hope she does not give up her hiding spot for there are people gunning for her.


There is no way that Casey Anthony is upset because thousands of people have viewed her over the internet; That woman flaunted herself towards the camera like she was an actress or a model. She is a ham she enjoys the exposure, although the cameras in the courtroom showed more of her. She has quite a cult following, she is purely satisfied to lend her image to the masses.


What goes around comes around.


Why are so called people still insisting this poor girl is guilty? HELLO! She was found innocent by a jury of her peers. If you don't like the American way of justice go live in Russia or China.

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