Happy 49th Birthday, Demi Moore!

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Poor Demi Moore. The actress turns 49 today, but is she really in a celebratory mood?

Consider: Ashton Kutcher almost definitely cheated on her; she looks as if she hasn't eaten a full meal in weeks; and her husband, aside from being a liar, is a complete idiot who has to actually hire a management team to monitor his Tweets.

In other words, Moore could really use a few birthday wishes, and a few steak dinners. Send them her way now.

Demi Moore at Margin Call Premiere

Also celebrating a birthday today: Leonardo Dicaprio (37), Calista Flockhart (47) and George Patton, who would be 126.

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Hey Demi, You go girl, dump his ass! I know it will be hard, but you deserve SO much better. You will be surpised what the "light at the end of the tunnel" will bring......you will be much happier. Sincerely, Bek


Oh please, Demi Moore is almost old enough to be Ashton Kutcher's mother!! She had sex with his friend who is in his 20's! She goes after young guys so she can feel young. All I can say is I'm still surprised Kutcher even married her; he's a good looking young guy and shouldn't waste any more time with a woman who is old enough to be a grandmother and is immoral.




I love your acting and think you are one of the most beautiful women in the world! Don't let your hubby get you down. He's an idiot. You look better than I ever have my entire life and we are the same age. You go gurl!!!! I love ya and so do soooo many others!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! And I think you ought to divorce the jerk -- he doesn't appreciate what he has/had.
Love ya --


Happy Birthday Demi - Like many others i love your acting and hope you continue. Feeling very bad that your relationship with your husband is splattered every where you go. I like many woman have gone through similar situations but because you decided to become a actress yours gets world wide. Not sure how u r feeling but i can tell you i was with the same person i married from 13-40 and he decided to cheat on me and it was the most devasted thing in my life.. BUT i have learned if you forgive not for the other person but yourself you will find your happiness and move on. Life is to short to be wasted by another person who has control over your feelings. You are a beautiful woman and there are plenty of men out there that would love to have you on their arm... BE HAPPY!!!! we only have one life to live - why waste time on someone that is not happy were they are at. Stay strong!!!


Happy Birthday Demi Moore! All the BEST. Blessings


He is a "dumb ass", no this guy is a retard. Southpark style. Timmy.

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