Sara Leal Expresses Regret, Labels Life a "Mess"

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Yes, Sara Leal slept with Ashton Kutcher twice last month. And, yes, the actor's marriage to Demi Moore is one of the better known relationships in Hollywood.

But this 22-year old wants to make one thing clear: she's no homewrecker!

Sara Leal Us Weekly Cover

In a new excerpt from her interview with Us Weekly, Leal insists that Kutcher told her and other women that "he was separated."

Leal explains how she met Kutcher in the bathroom of his hotel suite during a party and "there was some sort of attraction" right away. They ended up alone, post-naked hot tub dip, and...

"One thing led to another."

But Leal now regrets her actions, considering Kutcher apparently lied about his marital status. She says her "life has been a mess" ever since and: "If I had known he was happily married, none of this would have ever happened."

Definitely Ashton is the culprit. He was the married man who slept with a slut. I didn't have anything against Sara before reading above feature. Your alchohol charged brain could not sense whether you got naked before the hot tub romp but you were sensible enough to ask whether he is married or not. If he said married, the these would not happenned - all so very rubbish.
Ashton is solely responsible for his breakup with Demi. But Sara, stop pretending like an innocent. It will only reveal what a slut you are. Even for pretending, you need to be classy, you dumbass..


"Since then, my life has been a mess." You can say all you want, like you're regret or whatever! But your body language says the opposite!! And YES you are a HOMEWRECKER!!!


She's just plain trash. Sleeping with him on the first night and he's a complete idiot who just lost the best thing he had. Demi, you can do so much better. I'm glad she is leaving him like yesterday's news.


Only thing there is to say, why put yourself out there now there's a name and a face and the city she is from as opposed to an anonymous woman. She bragged and of course, that comes with a heavy burden.


Oh Please....Demi Moore can run circles around this women! Women like her are a dime a dozen you can buy them anywhere lol...


i used to like ashton kutcher but hes really a piece of shit,
demi needs to drop his ass.


Why is Sara taking all the flack for this? She isn't the one who had the commitment, Ashton is. It is not her responsibility to make sure her sexual partners are all being morally appropriate! Unless you are highly religious (which is a whole other story) why does it matter if she slept with him in the first hour, first day, first month, whatever?! Get off your moral high ground and fault the one really at blame here.


shame shame shame !!! I guess ??? no shame in their GAME !!!!


Really? didn't know he was married... ITS Ashton fucking Kutcher. Everyone knows that he is married you dumb slut. and even by some slim chance she didn't, why would you just hop in a tub with a complete stranger who TAKES away your phone and doesn't let you have it back till the next day. Hm he might not want anyone to know for some strange reason...Dumbass.


How ridiculous that we always go after the single woman who had the affair with a married man. Leave her the hell alone. She didn't ruin his marriage, HE DID. Perhaps she used poor judgement, but HE is the culprit. BACK the HELL OFF PEOPLE!!

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