Demi Moore at Movie Premiere: Thin & Ringed

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Demi Moore made a public appearance in New York City last night, attending the premiere of Margin Call at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema. You might pick up on three items from the following event photos:

  1. Ashton Kutcher is not by her side.
  2. The actress looks very thin.
  3. She is wearing a wedding ring.
Demi Moore Movie Premiere Pic
Very Thin Demi Moore

Moore has kept a mostly low profile since rumors of her and Kutcher's divorce hit the Internet last month.

Neither side has done or said much to quiet this chatter, with alleged mistress Sara Leal doing most of the talking. But anonymous friends of the actress have expressed concern over Demi's weight, and it's easy to see why, based on the above images.

Please, someone get this woman a cheeseburger.



How come demi breaks down after she finds out he cheated, when other famous woman can handle it moore logically or not play the victim. The other woman seen hurt for like 3 days to a week then find a way to move on. Im sorry demi for what happened to you and if be patient im sure the right guys will come along. Please don't think negative and think love,say and believe positive words. Find yourself again and take an amazing vacation if you get a chance, either with your adult family and friends or maybe your daughters. Get away for a while, it does help for some people. God bless you..


She looks like Morticia. She needs to let that young guy Ashton Kutcher go so he can live a real life with someone his own age. She's a disgrace to womanhood, always trying to get a guy who is too young for her.




Demi had always been thin, however in this particular photo she does appear emaciated. Despite their age difference, I always thought they would make it. I do wish her the best and hope the rumors are untrue. A broken heart (even for the rich & famous) still hurts like hell.


Nothing but love for you Demi, Never let 'em see you sweat!!


Love you Demi Moore, you looks beautiful. Best Blessings.


She's so skinny she just can't be eating. Probably only smoking and/or drinking. And trying to save her marriage. Not an easy task.


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