Caroline Manzo Calls Out Teresa Giudice, Addresses "Miserable" RHONJ Reunion

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Part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special last Sunday night was so contentious, it was almost as if cast members had been told what to say and how to act. That's totally ridiculous, of course, we know.

The harshest exchanges took place between Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice, as the former went after the latter's marriage and financial woes, among other topics. Does Caroline have any regrets?

A Real Housewives Reunion

Not really. In a new blog entry, Manzo says the experience was "miserable," but "I was telling the truth... I couldn't hide my feelings. I didn't see why I should at this point."

Among specific topics addressed by Caroline online:

Her reference to Teresa's cookbook as being as Italian as the Olive Garden: "We joked [about that], but here's the difference - we didn't joke about my son, Melissa, Kathy or Richie... To use my words as a defense against your insulting remarks towards my son is unbelievable. Apology not accepted."

Caroline's relationship with sister Dina: "Congratulations, Teresa, the only thing you succeeded in doing was hurting my parents. What a fool I've been in my efforts to bring your family together when it was your intent to destroy mine from the start. Shame on you."

Her overall reaction to the argument: "Unlike you, Teresa, I can look in the mirror and hold my head high knowing that I have always given the best of myself to my family and friends. I live my life with integrity and self-respect."

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we all DO know that this show - like ALL reality shows - is scripted right? These women are actresses - they are told what to say - when to say and HOW TO say it - but it IS good fantasy -and I like seeing their "stuff" the clothes, the furniture etc


Its a good thing Macey fired her she would have taken them into bankrupcy.


Bravo should fire Teresa, she is crazy and toxic.


I meant Teresa has a college degree, Bachelors' in fashion merchandising. She was a buyer for Macy's before she got married.


I am not saying this to disagree with anyone's feelings about Teresa but Melissa holds a Bachelor's Degree from the local college there and was a buyer for Macy's in Manhatten. (Before her marriage)


These reality shows are all garbage. What has happened to television? What ever happened to entertainment. Who cares about those plastic old crows anyway.


After last nights reunion, I have decided to disconnect my cable. What I saw last night is exactly what I feel is ruining our children and the future. I feel sick to my stomach that I wasted my time watching this dirt. If one person watched tv last night and agreed with the way Theresa acted, then this is totally dumbing down AMERICA. If setting examples on tv to be unaccountable for your actions and mouth, then this country is in alot of trouble. Its one thing to have freedom of speech, but our country also represents respect and I didn't see any self respect coming through my tv last night by Theresa, especially with her mouth. Lets all get a life and stop watching this garbage. I'm sure there are better things to do with our time then waste it on this show. Maybe it would be good to think about doing something nice for someone else during this hour.


Everyone is against Theresa but truthfully they all have skeletons and problems and have no right to gang up on Theresa, even Andy did so. They were all given a pass on reunion part one, except Theresa. Of course to hear her tell it, Caroline is a saint having never done anything to anyone including her sister. Dina is cool so there is some big truth to carolines nastiness when she doesn't want to have a relationship with her. Caroline is the one who needs to be evaluated, ask her husband. It has gone beyond a reality tv show it seems and real hatred is now involved because they aren't that good as actors. Jacqueline doesn't even have the class to face everyone on reunion show. And I can't top laughing at carolines lips in a comical pout for some unknown reason. She's hilarious looking. Caroline--karma!


I am so repulsed at Caroline and her goofy looking lips pushed out like she thinks this makes her cute. Pleeeeeease! She is so ugly inside and out. Her children are disgusting with all their hateful remarks and attitudes of superiority from what. They cannot even get good jobs. They have no education. They hide their real
relationship with Greg, why? Caroline has nothing to make her an authority unless it's on how to be two faced and stab someone in the back and talk behind their back. Been reading Caroline has financial problems with her husband, yet she thinks she has the right to talk badly about Theresa. Melissa is so apparently a gold digger it's not even funny. It's been written she is half black but she wouldn't admit it when questioned by andy


Theresa is a disgrace to the italian americans of this country.
She loves to flaunt her body and her financial assets in your face.
To bad that it is not her money as she abuses the credit card system and then clams bankruptcy
Her Husband looks like a bufoon from the neighborhood. i would like to know how he really obtained his money prior to going bankrupt.
Anyway Theresa should calm.