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Dreux Pierre Frederic, aka Lil Fizz, aka one of the guys from B2K is being sued by the State of California for allegedly operating an illegal marijuana dispensary in L.A.

Law enforcement officials believe the 25-year-old is one of the owners of the Little Amsterdam weed shop in West Hollywood, open for business as of July 2010.

The issue? Not that it’s illegal to sell pot (it’s California), but he set up shop in an area where weed shops are strictly prohibited, according to the state’s lawsuit.

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Prosecutors want Lil Fizz to shut down his operation ASAP and pay $2,500 fine for every day the shop has been open. At 477 days, that’d be $1,192,500.

It gets worse for the R&B singer. Officials want Fizz to pay law enforcement and legal costs related to the case, which could add up to another $750,000.

Little Amsterdam has yet to issue a statement about the lawsuit or Fizz’s involvement. Calls have not been returned … they are probably so BAKED.