Miley Cyrus Remains True to Self, Confused by Image

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She's grinded on a stripper pole in front of millions; she's been caught smoking out of a bong; heck, she poses without a bra on the cover of this month's Prestige.

Still, Miley Cyrus doesn't understand why her image has taken a hit. In an interview with the aforementioned publication, the 18-year old says:

"There was this magazine article the other day, showing all the younger celebrities. I was the Girl Next Door or whatever, and I fell under the category of Good Girl Gone Bad. And I was like, 'What the hell, man?'"

Miley Cyrus in Prestige

Moreover, Miley blames the media for making her out to be someone she isn't: "The press seems to think that I'm trying to make this big turn and become a bad girl, and really I'm trying to be more connected with the Earth."

Hmmmm.... and how exactly is THIS PHOTO, taken from the exact article from which we just quoted, connecting Cyrus to the Earth? She is standing outside, we suppose.

Miley adds:

"I'm not some crazy lady who's gone off the deep end... I just always try to be real. Every 18-year-old explores sexuality and experiments and tries things. For me there's no reason to change that. You have to be true to yourself."

What do you think, THGers? Is the press too hard on Cyrus?


@Lacie D. You're ridiculous...she's not even near fat. She's quite toned in fact if you've seen her recent bikini pics from Hawaii. She's clearly taking good care of her fitness. Also what's up with the hate. Miley's so-called "scandals" are like baby scandals compared to what other stars do. Miley's always with her family, so it's not like Lindsay Lohan and she has a long-term boyfriend.


Miley is the more unattractive human being in this world. She is horrible!!! And she has gotten soooooooooo fat.


If miley cyrus smokes my heart will be broken


everyone makes mistakes so she hasnt always made the smartest choices, neither has anyone. the only reason ppl judge her more harshly is because she's famous. its her life ; let her live it up


@becky and Cheyana: You two may be 21 or 22, but your comments are something that a hateful 14-year-old would post. My point is that both of you need to grow up.


I hate Miley and no one should call Becky and I a bitch. Especially cuz Beckers is 21 and I am 22. Sooo if you really want me to hurt your feelings I will. First off Lady Ga Ga has a absoulty wonderful beautiful special voice. And she does a good job with her male alter ego. I watched the music awards. And she was such a good actress. I actually thought her alter ego wus really a different person. Everyone on the planet is lovely. Britney, madonna, christina agueleria whos voice can never compare. MILEY GO TO HELL. Cuz yout the fraud. dont waste me time. I will make u cry.


You fool. I am not a school girl. Im actually in my 3rd year of college at NYU. Somethin Miley will never accomplish. Lady Ga Ga is so pretty and so is her singing. She is a really nice person. She actually really sings songs that are actually good music. I mean honestly would u wanna listen to party in the usa which by all means is the worse sound ever. Or listen to Just dance? Alsooo I heard Miley isnt gonnna sing anymore. Hmmm? I wonder why? :)


@becky hope and Cheyana Lipton: You two are just biased, bitchy little school girls. Lady Gaga IS NOT prettier then Miley Cyrus. Anybody with eyes can see that Gaga is a butterface. If you don't know what that means, look it up. Miley Cyrus is at least a 6 while Lady Gaga is a 4. Anyway, it doesn't matter how pretty or ugly you think a celebrity is. The point is that Miley Cyrus has the right to dress provocatively and show skin if she wants to, just like any other singer or actress, and she shouldn't get any more criticism than the others.


Becky your so right. Other stars can dress sexy because they have natural beauty and Miley doesnt have that. Have you seen the girl without make up? Lady Gaga is soooooo much prettier and sounds 100 times better. Miley has sort of a piggy nose. I dont judge but my nose is kinda like piggy. She acts funny. And not in a good way. She says shes growing up. And yes she is but she when shes 35 shes gonnna look like really old country puke!!!! so she can continue to say she wants to look sexy. But shed be better off just staying out of the spotlight. Just sayin.


welllllllll other stars sing and act alot better than her. she looks like a dog. Does lady ga ga look like a dog? Does Nicki minaja look like a horses ass? Nope. So for her to dress all sexy and nasty makes her super DOG!!!


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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

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