Miley Cyrus Bong Video

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A friend of Miley Cyrus filmed this video of the singer at her 18th birthday party. She's taking hits from herb called salvia, which is legal in California.

yeah I mean she can do what she wants now so leave her alone she is just having fun I want that much fun with her


Leave her alone , shes having fun , shes not a kid and shes not the only one that does it, leave her alone


Miley eats a lot of poopies with salvia bong hits


Hey dildo..she is only 19


i like miey cyurs and she is a really good singer

Miley fakes

nice one miley - that was a good one for sure


hahahahahahahahaha this is so funny. she had me giggling the whole time! it looks like she was having fun. leave her alone!


You know......i believe her friend or the girl i wouldnt call that friend but anyway is retarted and needs 2 stop trying 2 get people 2 get high as she said in the video she is not high enuff!!!!! ummmmmmmmmmmmm ok! miley is a entertainer and she is a human im not supporting what she is doing at all...dont beleive in drugs!!!!! but please if u people are that intrested in her life then u need 2 get one of ur own!!!


OK it says that this salvia stuff is legal in California & all she did was laugh a lot. What was she doing wrong? I mean u can smoke cigarettes which are legal only bcuz the government can tax them and act like that especially if u r an actor who can act high to get attention which is obviously what she's doing! Give her a break.


Hey guys do u knw wat ur commenting so she is grown up doesnt mean she need 2 behave like zis. Kids want 2 be like her famous so zey may think if she do it ill do it 2 miley eventhough ur growen up take it slow what im confused is where is her dad???

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