Happy 25th Birthday, Heidi Montag!

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Heidi Montag marked her 25th plastic surgery last week.

One-half of The Hills' gruesome twosome, Heidi marked the occasion with her husband Spencer Pratt and several friends, which apparently they have, in Las Vegas.

Here she is at the nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Friday to host a birthday bash for herself, which presumably someone paid her to do. Amazing.

New Heidi Montag Photo

Speidi tours their future home. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Once on top of the world, now disfigured and broke as a joke, this is the last you'll see of Heidi for awhile. She and Spencer have gone downhill fast in life.

Now, they're basically just normal people. G-cup boobs aside.

Here's a photo tribute to Heidi Montag we put together in honor of her special day! Click to enlarge the nauseating (and in some cases quite NSFW) images:

Gaunt and Plastic
That is a Huge Rack
Damaged Goods
3 Boobs
Heidi Montag Surgery Disaster
Classic Spencer and Heidi
The Gruesome Twosome
2009 Heidi
Broke and Gross
Heidi Gets Ready
Go USA Go!
Fake Girl
The Final Rose 2 Night
Heidi Montag Naked
What a Giant Boob
Plastic Surgery Addict
Heidi Montag Nude

happy birthday


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I don't think she looks disfigured, just very, very unhappy. I hope she has no more surgeries. She has reached the line that the catwoman did cross.


She is only 25? Oh. Well at least she is still young enough to learn from her mistakes and change things going forward. If she is really tries. Somehow I'm doubting that will happen, though hope it does for her sake.


She looks 35 years to me not 25. And with all that surgeries she did to look good and from the look of her face she still looks sad all the time.


Someone didn't get enough attention while growing up...She is doing this all for the attention...SAD!


wow what a pitty


She looks gorgeous!

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Heidi Montag Boob Job!
Ah, Heidi Montag. The controversial, plastic, duck-lipped, attention-loving blonde is a co-star on MTV's hit reality series, The Hills,... More »
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I used to be so strong, I used to be able to do whatever I want, and then I feel like I've been broken down little by little.

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Heidi Montag: Honey, I'm home.
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