The Bachelorette: Secrets of the Proposal!

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Three men remain on The Bachelorette: JP, Ben F. and Constantine.

Only one will win the heart of the show's leading lady. Ashley Hebert is engaged, but to whom? How did it all go down? Life & Style claims that it knows!

Ash was allegedly spotted with the winner earlier this summer, and the cover below certainly makes it APPEAR as though that winner is J.P. Rosenbaum.

You know these tabloids and their misdirection, though. It doesn't actually say she's engaged to J.P., and those could be separate pictures. However ...

Ashley Proposal Secrets

Filmed on a secluded shore of Fiji at the Vomo Island Resort, Ashley was wearing a long sequined pale-pink gown surrounded by tropical flowers, L&S says.

As the winner proposed with a stunning modern-style 3.5-carat Neil Lane diamond ring, with tears in her eyes, Ashley said yes! It was simply magical.

Unlike past seasons, in the months since the proposal, Ashley and her fiancé have been seeing each other and it's keeping their romance going strong.

"The producers have finally realized that keeping the couples apart is contributing to the quick dissolution of the relationships," an insider reports.

"So they're trying a different tactic with these two and letting them see each other more in the hopes they'll stay together for the long run."

So far the plan is working.

In fact, Ashley's already scoping out a move: "She's been talking about moving to where her fiancé lives in the next couple of months," a friend says.

And Ashley's fiancé feels the same way. A pal says that the winning Bachelor has been ecstatic since returning home from Fiji. Raves the pal:

"He always has a smile on his face. I asked him what it was like being on The Bachelorette, and he grinned and said, 'It changed my life.'"

For all the scoop on who it is - based on everything we've read so far this season - follow this link for The Bachelorette spoilers, if you dare.

Then tell us, who should Ashley pick?!


From everything I heard, Ashley is 26 not 21.
It looks to me like she shows the most affection towards JP.
Who can't love Ben though.


OMG it better be Ben....JP is a jealous, controlling and ugly looking guy I've ever seen. If she picks JP, I give them 2 weeks together, it won't last, too insecure/.


Why do they couple 20 and 21 year old immature girls with men in their thirties, some old enough to be their fathers, particularly brasat 38, now Ashley (21?) with 34 year old jp?..


God bless Love , and the bacheloretts people i love the show, let people find love, there is so many crazy stuff out there, so let try to head on the right direction, no matter the ups and down in life. Let keep our lives on the right track....Love. Thats what life is all about, if you cant love you are not living. Keep up the good work...

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